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I bet Mandf has the list copy and pasted so he can post it in every article.

Either that or his sorry ass takes the time to type it out.

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Actually if you guys are saying Kratos should be in MK because he is iconic, then Master Chief destroys Kratos in every sense of the word "Iconic". Chief has been around longer, sold more copies, and has enjoyed the same great reviews that Kratos has.

So for anyone who is downing Cliffy wanting a Gears character in MK, watch what you say.

Btw, its great to see Kratos in MK, but you people need to quick puckering your assholes and sipping your vinega...

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No, the original Farcry was not open world. But it was simple and straight forward, like lowcarb said. I was 15 when i first beat Farcry. Its not hard to figure out what to do.

The guy lowcarb was addressing was probably playing Farcry 2, which gave the illusion of an open world and used mountains and invisible walls to block off much of your navigation.

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Hmm. The guy who wrote this article seems like he'd be frustrating to talk to.

He still hasnt given me a good enough reason to like Killzone more than Halo, which is just my preference.

Halo has had nine years of refinement, while Killzone has only been around for six, and the first KZ was kind of a bust. Also to me, as far as artistic design goes, Killzone is a good example of why games like Uncharted 2 decided to be funny and put in the "Next Gen F...

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I think it was Halo 2, but both are respectable.

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To be fair Metal Gear Solid has pumped out a good amount of games the past ten years, so has COD, so has Battlefield, etc. Just like in ANY series, fans of the series want to see more games made.

Youre only knocking on Halo because it makes more money.

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i guess thats a good way to get around the system.

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But you have to continue paying for PSN Plus otherwise you lose some of the bonus stuff you get.

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It is "They're". Sorry, but i dont pay much attention to the opinions of those who cant even spell.

On topic, i dont even know what is most popular myself. Most people that i know own multiple consoles now.

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IGN never said Conviction is better than MGS. In fact, MGS4 was scored at 10.0, while Conviction was a 9.3.

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Soooo when Microsoft makes a few jabs at their competition, they are childish and unprofessional, but when Sony does it, its alright and everyone here is an xbox fanboy?

Love. It.

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Some developers make the transition to newer generations better than others.

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Tell me why i would want to talk to the random, faceless, "screaming 12 year olds" that everyone one this site says is Xbox Live is littered with over being in a cross game party chat with my personal good friends when i play my games?

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Does PSN have cross-game chat? No, didnt think so.

There isnt a better feature than being able to do your own thing while still chatting with your friends. Its annoying as hell to have to exit out of what your doing to get a chat together on PSN.

Sorry, but i value my friends, even if they are in far places. I like to keep in touch with them other than boring facebook and email. Paying $60 a year is worth it to me.

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Actually if i remember correctly there was an interview with Hideo Kojima in which he talked about how Western games are paving the way to the future and most Japanese developers are dragging their asses.

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Gran Turismo 5 is on the list and its not even out yet?

I would pull for Mass Effect 2 to be GOTY, but all of those including GT5(when its finally out) probably deserve it.

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So who do you trust? Aside from yourself.

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Because McDonald's is supposed to be a gourmet restaurant and all.

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that i can go out into the street and scream that i hate President Obama, democracy, etc to the top of my lungs and i dont have to worry about my family being condemned, my possessions being auctioned, and me being imprisoned and/or executed.

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