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Reach was good, but i didnt like it as much as Halo 2 or Halo 3.

Halo CE: First FPS that forced you to choose between two weapons, and the first FPS with regenerating health(shield).

Halo 2: Invented the Lobby system used in Halo 3/Reach/Call of Duty/etc. And it set the bar for online console gaming.

Halo 3: First Console FPS to use filesharing and theater mode to easily share custom made content.

Reach:....umm? Story lacks i...

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Sorry, wrong post.

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Are you kidding me?

Isnt anyone here impressed with the fact that this guy actually complimenting the competition in specific ways and not saying something spiteful like many executives do?

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What about playground equipment? Are the construction workers supposed to come back and alter the playground sets they made for handicapped people?

What about skateboards and bikes? They exclude handicapped people, how is that their fault? Or color blind people who play video games? How are they supposed to make our colors or patterns in some games?

Sometimes you just cant cater to every single minority. It sucks but its the way life is. I dont complain to th...

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The article is supposed to be funny, poking fun at some characters that many know and love.

Its the same concept as making fun of the stormtroopers for not being able to shoot anyone no matter how hard they try, but theyre still cool.

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I cant really tell the difference in the comparison shots through all the gray, black and brown.

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Mass Effect 2 is just as good as Uncharted 2, youre talking about pure visuals.

Mass Effect 2 is an amazing game because of its conversation system, great story, and great gameplay. And the graphics are still very good, even if they arent as good as PS3 exclusives.

You may or may not have a point about the double standard ratings with certain games, but Mass Effect 2 is one of the best games on any platform this generation.

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Rofl at the sprint/knife kill-cam.

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If i recall, i posted on IGN's PS3/360 ME2 comparison video when the player "Meets Jacob", and i commented on how IGN made the 360 version look much worse than the PS3 version.

No way in hell did the 360 version look like how IGN made it look, it was awful. I think IGN just wanted hits.

PS3 version looks good enough btw.

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yea, the description is where it claims to be headshots.

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The hit-detection in COD is so shitty. He didnt even have the crosshair on the first guy's head when he fired. Its always been like that too in all COD games.

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Gears 2 never came out on the PC. Sorry to rain on your parade.

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Yea but no one here cares about KZ3 right now, its Crysis 2's time to shine and its doing a damn good job.

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Oblivion is not overrated, sorry.

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Id love to be able to buy a new Tony Hawk game if it was good. Some of the best memories i have of my PS1 and Xbox was playing Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2, 3, and 4. Even Underground was pretty good too. They started to get pretty shitty after that.

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Ive beaten the game twice, the 360 version does not look that faded. I dont know what IGN did to the 360's footage, but things like the guns and Jacob's face looked pretty similar to that PS3 footage when i played it on my 32" vizio in 1080p.

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First, spell "Chief" right. You, like many others, always get that wrong.

Secondly, Kratos is lucky he is even in the game. MK has been around much longer than Kratos. He is at the mercy of much more iconic fighters. I know that if i had a PS3, id still play as Sub Zero or Kung Lao, not Kratos. Sorry =(.

Not everyone likes fighting games to begin with, and if youre going to say something stupid like "You want to play as the Master Cheif(<lol...

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How would playing as kratos "be the right choice"?

The 360 version might have an exclusive character that he might want to play as more.

Not everyone is a God of War fan.

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And i love how the rest of the world spells Dragon "Dragan" apparently.

I guess most places just uses the US for sales since the US is where the most gamers live. Sure theres plenty in Europe and Japan, but the largest variety of gamers can be found in the US. Sony, Nintendo, and MS products are pretty balanced there.

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First of all, Master Chief does have flesh. The official novels explain his origins and they are very good. Pick them up. And if that isnt enough, when you die in the games as Master Chief, blood comes out of him. Do the research before going into geeky specifics, because you wont win like that.

Anyways, my point is that no one here cares whether a Gears character would work in MK, they are bashing Cliffy and Gears in general.

No one here is saying "Hey,...

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