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Well I mean I defended defense grid because I was led to believe people were complaining about H3 and AC2 because they were old, based on all the negative comments Ive seen. So I guess people are complaining that it's not those two now?


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Its not a huge deal, to make defense grid a free game, but i must defend it.

Defense grid is one of the best tower defense games i have ever played. I bought it years ago and still play it now. there are more than 40 maps, and about 6 to 8 game modes per map. Also recently Valve bought Hidden Path, the devs who made it. So Hidden Path made a $5 dlc pack called You Monster, a Portal crossover where Glados tries to mess with you in test chambers by turning rules on their heads ...

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Did you know that MS has embraced indie games for years now? There are hundreds upon hundreds of indie arcade games and an actual section on the XBL marketplace dedicated to amatuer created indie games.

Sony and Steam Greenlight are pretty late to the party compared to MS.

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Not only did Halo make an FPS work beautifully on consoles(goldeneye was clunk on the n64s gamepad) but it also pioneered health regeneration with the energy shield system(which most shooters use now) and it was the first FPS to force players to carry only two weapons at a time; throwing out the carry 20 weapons thing and think with strategy.

Enemy AI and level design is still miles ahead of 95% of shooters, pc and consoles included. Games have figured it out mostly nowadays ...

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Not sure if serious....

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Well japanese entertainment/products werent popular at all in the US until about 30 years ago or so. Who knows about Japan and what they will accept eventually.

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Spicelicka was only commenting on how XBLA established the awareness of console downloadable games and Hammad somehow felt the need to be defensive and try to one-up Xbox as a whole...

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Several parts of Canada too.

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Not 5 - 10 years ago when Live was spearheading console online gaming and no one else was. Only in the past few years has PSN actually been comparable to Live.

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Mass Effect 3 was one of the most emotional endings for me. Partly for story reasons and partly because I was so shocked at what had just happened. The logic of the pre-extended cut ending didn't make much sense when I stopped and thought about it, but I was still emotionally affected.

Halo 3s after credit scene with master chief and cortana and the Knights of the Old Republic games affected me pretty well too.

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Okay? Maybe it's a nightmare for you but it's a blessing for me.

It's the games fault if they don't require you to exit party chat to talk to teammates. CS GO requires you exit party chat to play, so does Dark Souls and certain COD playlists. If people wanna stay in party chat and not talk to you in game then they aren't as serious about the match as you anyway and it never mattered to begin with.

You don't nee...

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Last night me, playing Halo 4, and two other good friends playing Zone of the Enders HD and Madden 13 were all in a party chat talking about how badass Skyfall was and other things for hours. Me being in my mid 20s now and with the few friends anymore that I rarely get to see, Party Chat is pretty crucial for me. You can't do what I just described on PS3, we would all have to compromise on heading to Home or all 3 or 4 of us to be in the same game, which gets annoying at times. Sometimes ...

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More people are into the "realistic" military atmosphere than sci fi and aliens and super soldiers. Just sayin.

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When a reviewer reviews a sequel like halo 4, he needs to review it based on if a halo fan would like it or not. What does it add to the franchise? What does it take out? How much content is there? Are the graphics better or the same as the last game? Would a halo fan appreciate the changes? What would a non halo fan think?

No one gave counterstrike go shit for just making minor tweaks to the 13 year old formula, because everyone knew cs fans would appreciate GO regardless.

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Because what else is more fun than discovering something for the first time? 343 is trying to capture the halo 1 feel, they've never been secretive about that. But what you're discovering is something so much more than in halo 1.

In halo 1, you discover one of their abandoned ring world weapons that just sits there. You fight covenant over it. Thats it. In halo 4, you find one of their planets. You find their home, their actual place of operations which is very much s...

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Is halo 4 a 5.5/10? Idk, was uncharted 3 a 4/10?

Its obvious halo 4 has very high quality and deserves high marks. Sometimes opinions suck ass and have no real substance. It was Hitlers opinion that Jews were the source of Germanys problems. It all comes down to preference tho, ya know?

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The story isn't a retread. Yes you are discovering a new world/environment for the first time but that's where the similarities end. Master chief and cortana have evolved as characters and their relationship so much farther than what they were in halo 1. The main enemies are new and different. Multiple new characters are introduced and older story threads are also expanded on.

Not a retread. It's a great story.

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Halo has had 4 player coop since halo 3 in 2007. Old Tom is a few years and a few games behind.

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Farcry 2 had one too. On the cardboard sleeve boxart it says "exclusive Gamestop preorder edition" or something. That was all the way back in 2008. What's weird is I didn't preorder it and that what they gave me anyway.

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Cod isn't the problem, it's the devs who want to copy it that are, and the reason you never see anything new.

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