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why are opinions allowed on this site, fuck this place imma look for news somewhere else, ban me nigger faggots

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i would like to redownload my old fucking purchases of ps1 titles instead of being forced to pay the monkey jim ryan

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thing is its collecting dust here, i bought guardians of the galaxy and elden ring on it just to make use of it and not waste 500$ for the console, so no, even switch has more credibility than ps5, switch gives me more reason to play it than ps5

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1 year on ps, 6 months on ps5, then 1 year on epic, fuck off square

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it was fun as well, not boring, unlike the grind in nowadays games which is pretty bland and boring and you'd like to skip everything but the story

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well good thing i dont play this game

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the casual sheds his skin eh

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can you type how much instead of misleading and clickbaiting with the title

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my fav is 5 sue me

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this article proved that the site is filled with sony slaves

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breaking news: sony kneels to the master race

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if it is 30fps, it is not smooth, to hell with 30fps when will it fucking die

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why the article one sided, patch released for series x as well

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if they fix it, it means they admit to the fault, if they admit to the fault they have to pay for a lawsuit theyre facing against, only solution is to make a completely new joycon with dpad or some other feature, as for the article i'd just say "no shit" since they succeeded in making their own market instead of competing with sony and xbox, therefore its in its own league and people will continue buying either way

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-can be backstory
-can wake up do something and sleep again
-can have one new character accidentally wake him up only to be dragged into an event then goes back to sleep
-can be an episode about what happened after dirge of cerberus

conclusion is that square has zero imagination, and always puts up zero effort in whatever they do

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Because it has actual japanese content, unlike playstation which went full western with gays and open world games and what not

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Jacob St-Amour shouldnt bother writing articles anymore

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Oh sorry, shauzy5 is my psn id

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I played 7 hours on the ps5, and its really average performance wise, its 1080p, with no performance or quality options, sure its 60fps mostly with occasional fps drops, i can see the textures load on cars, human models i think are less than 1080 when they're average distance far, the game also crashed 2 times, i was playing on patches 1.01 and 1.02, it still needs an update otherwise people will be furious about it

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