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been there done that

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As an Xbox one owner I was considering getting a ps4 but now plan to save for a pc. Anyone know any good pcs to start on, and build later?

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DLC is probably the most annoying thing as a gamer.

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I can't find any matches on Xbox One? Anyone else having the problem or is it only me?

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Treyarch is the only thing that can save the franchise. Ghosts and AW were not what I was looking for. Hopefully WaW 2 is true. WaW was my favorite game.

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Agreed after picking up Battlefield, I never looked back on other fps games like Call of Duty.

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So disappointed in the reviews about Unity. Was really going to pick up because all the previous games were so good. Black Flag let me down a little due to no relevant story line to the others so I was really looking forward to this one. Can anyone tell me if the game just has bugs or isn't playable at all?

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Good thing I have no classes on Tuesday haha.

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Microsoft what about DAY 1 owners!?

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PC fanboys need to read this.

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Isn't the same as Treyarch's zombies...
well gotta wait another year.

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1080p sounds nice. I hope x1 isn't that far lower and I hope it runs above 60 fps on consoles.

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I like EA Access so far. Can't wait for them to add more games to the library.

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Sony can keep Destiny.
Destiny already died for me. The loot system, unbalanced pvp, repetitive open world, and bland campaign really made me stop playing and to go back to play battlefield 4 until more games come out. Probably going to check out Sunset Overdrive because of all the good reviews it got. (and of course HALO 1-4 remastered)

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Imo yeah. A lot of new titles got delayed and now we're left with the same old games. (Cod, Assassins Creed, etc).

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Wasn't sure at first but now since I can carry over my previous account, YEEES.

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The only thing frustrating about the game is fusion rifles in pvp. They're so annoying.

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I'm never paying $60 for a CoD again. Ghosts really pissed me off.

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The Crew's whack anyways.

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I really hope they expand the max level in future dlc.

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