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what games last year? lol infamous and driveclub??? Psx only news was street fighter 5 which isnt coming anytime soon. "The only system with AAA exclusives in the first half of 2015" Yes 2 games that were delayed into 2015..... The order is a rental at best and bloodborne is a niche game almost a AA indie. The better question is,what do you have for the rest of the year? you really think uncharted will be good enough??? Dragons dogma isnt even coming to states lol, You should maybe ...

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#idarb is great and yes just like dude said above,ive never payed full price for xbox live. Every black friday i buy 2 12+1 month cards for half off ($29.99). I've have xbox live for 10 yrs and for them to start throwing free games is a nice touch,im more concerned with a reliable online experience and that's what microsoft gives you.

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Im still waiting for a ps4 game that looks better than ryse or even better a ps4 exclusive that runs at 1080p/60fps. I'm really hoping they can get more power out of it,im none to impressed as it stands.

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i love xbox music,needs to drop from $9.99 a month though. beats music is cool too but im only interested in option that work on my console. Wanst sony unlimited the same thing? you pay a small fee to get nearly every song made? xbox music is cool because you get songs anlong with every video made.

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i think sony sales will start to decline,they already have. The hype will slowly die down after there games fail to deliver. If they announce a price cut at e3 then they will have a chance of competing in the states otherwise i see them losing atleast 5 out of the 12 months with nov and dec being a giving for microsoft.

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um why is everyone in shock? no multiplayer destorys this game being anything more than a rental,no co op either? of please. This game was shown in 2013 was suppose to launch in late 2014 and now it's early 2015 and still is what it has always been...a gears of war knock off. Gears stressed co op and multiplayer which is even thought i know i wont be going back to it i never traded it in. I expect gamestop to make a boat load off this game just like infamous. 2 big exclusives left for you...

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As if the xbox needed more will see that direct x12 combined with better sdk and offloading cloud compute will really do for a system that struggled to hit 1080p/60 fps. Look at call of duty ghost versus advanced warfare and this is before all the newer updates. Personally i could careless about any upgrades. Halo 5 looks great and played even better and that was only 720p,im fone with how the xbox performs now but i know microsoft and you can expect a new faster UI,new avartars...

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Sony is dead in water. It's a repeat of apple vs google. How apple laid the ground work but got comfortable and showed no innovation over the years and how google seemd to come out of know where and steal marketshare. While apple still sells phones by the boat loads as will sony will do with the ps4 (mainly overseas) it's become more apparent which console is preferred. Unlike apple sony cant afford to live off hardware sales. By the way the ps3 came in last last generation,world wide...

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can't wait,plus it's free!

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oh boy where i do start here....

triple A's
halo 5> bloodborn,the order and uncharted.


#idarb,ori and the blind forrest > whatever else sony has

No one finds it weird that sony has sold 20(n4g numbers) to xbox ones 10 million and yet the 2 biggest selling games are on xbox 1? (destiny and call of duty:AW) how is it sony has a 2:1 hardware lead but software sales are in favor of xbox one? <...

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yes everyone suddenly like this game because when it was posted coming to xbox one the comment section was filled with "boring" and "who cares" lol

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just how the ps3 was much stronger on paper and i could careless cause the ps3 like the ps4 is very basic on features and will never have the games i want. I did by a ps3 for $40 the stores demo ps3,i had to jailbreak it to remove demo mode and even at that price it was nothing but a 3d dvd player for me till the xbox one got the update. The ps2 was the last sony device i enjoyed. I loved my psp but that due to the homebrew not so much what sony did with it,they always promise you the world w...

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Does the xbox really need a 50% boost? I mean really. No Ps4 title to date looks 50% of on ps4 at this point it's usually identical. It will always come down to the games. That said i know direct x12 will benifit the xbox one once is has a windows 10 update,even if its by 10% it would be fine with me. The xbox one already is running perfectly fine for me. After playing the halo beta im just waiting till novemember,all this extra stuff is pure bonus,im excited to see where the xbox console...

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i just pre-ordered the $249 version of halo 5,i support 343i 100%

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is this really the top story on this site for almost 24 hrs now?.......really?

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exactly why the [email protected] was formed,it's turning out great games,quality over quanity indeed :)

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No price drop,just play the last of us again
More hype
Less software sales
Exclusives bombing
Psn down more frequently
More indies
Uncharted 4 delay or buggy launch
25 million sales announced at e3
driveclub replay mode coming early 2016

@melimel,they have that already,it's called an xbox one.

Atleast 5 of those will be 100% true

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so it crushes forza and you have yet to play it or even see forza 6 but let's stick with that. It crushes forza which by the the way has been crushing gran tursimo for years now. You are basically waiting for gt 7 to play a worst game? that doesnt make sense. Project cars is playstation fans needed a racer. Xbox fans are more than fine with forza's,will gamefly this then pick up forza 6

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do you not have an android? Mobile friendly sites seem to be useless,every page runs just as good as a desktop,usually faster.

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i love the fact that xbox doesnt want 2nd hand indie games. There are hundreds coming out and no one wants ported over indie games from months ago. Xbox runs the [email protected] program which helps funds indie games and so far has turned out great titles. Super timeforce being one of my fav's. It's coming to ps4 now but nearly a year later and i cant be mad if a sony fan doesnt want it but keep in mind these indie need funds so if microsoft or sony is willing to help so be it. I just dont why...

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