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not a lot of pplz hyping about driveclub. hope it gets good grade..

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it only works online nice try trolling at your best

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play it from gamely, if you like it, wait when it gets to $20

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you right smh

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As a big halo fan tmcc is where the real multiplayer is at. no perk no unbalance & over power guns. no bugs like bf3 and bf4.

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because halo is king of person shooter... 5 gonna sell at least 4-8 million depend if xbox one moves to 15million hardware by next year.

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you're being sarcastic if you think gow is simple game to play. play in higher difficulty and you will see the game is not simple. gow is better series get it over. doesn't mean baynotta is lame i just miss out hopefully i get the chance to play again & this time beat it and platinum it like i alway do to all games i buy if not to annoy to get..

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shit gonna flop no matter what activion do ... good thing cod and destiny is there cash cow cause man money can make activion do dumb business moves.

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I didn't get the chance to play bayonetta to busy playing god of war series king of h&s masterpiece

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nobody hate tf only sony drones in n4g does. tf is a better game then destiny fact... watchdog was big letdown I plat it and give back to gamefly. And as for destiny I play the beta on the ps4, was turn off by how unbalance the guns was on mp... i get the game when is cheap

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Is easy to get a girl ice but can you put 100% trust with your girl.

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sound like you mad of the fact 5, will be a way better game then destiny.. when it comes to story and multiplayer. don't get me wrong destiny is fun with friends but halo 5 come out next year will be fun solo and with your friend/random online. # halofan4life

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love trash talk never take things so seriously

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I can't wait... why in feb, I wanna play it now lol

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what Paul McCartney needs to do, is work it out with 343 his music with 343 great amazing story will be top notch

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@PudgeyBurrito How it got worse when halo 4 was a better overall game with top amazing story, Can't wait to play halo 5

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indeed! platinum this game up, that how great the game is

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even though halo is better, destiny still a fun game to play with your friends.. trust me watchdog was a big letdown

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same with me fm3 was one of the best racer game I ever play since gt1 and gt2 days.

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On amazon, this game got two stars lol

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