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You guys sure get hot and bothered by this haha stupid.

Natal is not for the hardcore. I will always want a controller. They said Natal will be shipped with all new Xbox 360's on stage........ Natal is for the casual crowd people!!!! Its for 6 year old tommy who ate too much and is fat and his mom buys him a 360 so he can run around the living room playing a kiddy game. Look at how many units wii fit has sold and all you do is stand on a board and wave a remote. MS will make ton...

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Some of those games look wack. First couple I didn't care for, but the rest are getting me excited. If Microsoft drops Halo 4 or whatever Peter Jackson has in the works, that will be massive for Xbox. Sony looks great right now. God of War 3 and prob. a bunch of unannounced squeals to previous ps2 games, they could steal the e3 show. But if Microsoft announced more Halo that will be awesome and they will steal the show for me since Halo 3 is one of the best of all time. And if Mass Effect 2 a...

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Killzone 2 is a quagmire because it looks absolutly amazing... But the gameplay doesnt wow me. It wasnt really that addictive. Until i got that electricity gun i really didnt like the game. Still it doesnt stand out like cod4 did. I still gotta finish it though. Im at the part where the ship is gettin taken over. I seem to lose interest really fast. It is amazing though. When you look at all the stuff happening it amazes me. All the sparks and people moving it shows how far weve come since th...

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i finally downloaded flow off the store and its pretty dope. worth 7 bucks 4 sure.

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the fact he even mentioned shrooms and weed is sick. dude is a crack head though. but finding a game to get ur non video game friends to play is a very good thing. people still dont understand the addiction behind halo multiplayer coop. best thing ever


give me bubbles please. Jesus just cause i disliked the ps3 back in the day shouldnt mean i cant contribute to the forum. BTW to destroy the supposed xbox fanboyism in me, my xbox 360 has red lighted with fable comin in o...

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I cant wait for the ps3 and xbox update. I wanna see home badly now its been sooooo long. Cant wait to start up the xbox and see the new clean shinny dashboard. Bout time the blades look horrible. Plus netflix will be ill. Home will take up alotta my time plus now that little big planet got 10/10 it gonna be legit.

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Im all for the games on the ps3 they do have some great ones coming. No one should rip on this new halo 3. Halo 3 was dope (multiplayer, singleplayer, the achievements, the skulls, etc.) The graphics are way better then halo 2 and the multiplayer is far more addictive with bungie.net and such. So dont call it halo 2.5 and this new halo 2.8. It looks promising and im all for new halo games and multiplayer as long as bungie is doing it.

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If they change ANY of the gameplay mechanics then the game will fail. Look at cod3 that was minorly different from cod2 and it sucked. cod4 was the same gameplay/movement/firing mechanics as cod2. Halo 3 multiplayer is soooo dope im still playin it every night with my homie. it was not at all underwhelming r u kidding me?? if gearbox changes the way grenades are thrown or change the speed of the characters or change the weapons it will fail. halo 3 is so fast and the grenades are flawless. th...

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Last big game they released was mgs4 and that was a one time play for me at least. I play all my 3rd party on my 360 cause i have friends on there plus achievements. i havent turned on my ps3 in ages. i love the thing. i dont have a hd tv so blue ray doesnt matter for me yet. release some frickin exclusive games. is all they got resistance and little big planet. lil big planet looks cool but well see how that goes. i just want killzone.. dont think im a ps3 hater. i invested 600 dollars into ...

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at least microsoft releases s**t faster. I swear ive been waiting for home for decades. and ima need something to move me from playing 3rd party on my 360 to my ps3. ..... oh no disagrees.... umm.... think quick.... oh i love my ps3..... i use it as a p**sy when my girls out of town. last game i played was mgs4 and i already sent that back to gamefly. i need killzone that is why i bought the system

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numerous new ips lol. their whole confrence was trailers for 3rd party. god of war 3 will be sick though. all 3 were crap. no killzone and nintendo sucks

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Nintendo is a joke. I fast forwarded through all the wii fit crap and saw nothing new or worth playing. I sold my wii like two days after super smash because theres nothing left. all about ps3 and 360. ms has got to get some new people to present at e3.. that one guy was crap.

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Im about to go pay 2.99 for a monster energy drink. 10 for gas. 5 for cigs. and 8 for beer tonight. Why would i trip about like 50 cents a day. or 4.50 a month. live is dope. cant wait for this update. looks ill.

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MGS4 took forever with those load times at every new chapter. Sick game but dont b*tch about changing disks when your watching snake chain smoke for 8 minutes while the game installs over and over.

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After those numerous 10/10 gta4 reviews I cant believe anyone anymore. Im def getting this game. MGS was the first ps game i ever played and it was crazy good. Who knows whos paying off who. The ps3 is finally getting its sh*t together. The flawlessness of the hardware and the ability to put so much data on a disk is pretty sweet. And its quiet and doesnt make those annoying sounds where the drive is reading the disk every two seconds. cant wait. now they gotta get us home, and the other firm...

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Every ps3 fanboy in here smashed halo for its visuals and touted that haze looked waaayyy better and would be so sick. now that it got a 5 its nice to rub it in. I got a ps3 and i havent played it in um like 6 months. im waiting till next month when mgs4 comes out then i can finally turn it back on again. you gotta rip haze and the ps3 cause they were saying it was going to be the best game ever. i thought the visuals looked awesome when they were previewing it but lookin at the levels it loo...

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XBOX 360 achievements are why im playin the 360 version. Ps3, none of my friends have one. I am thee only one. So im gonna play where my friends are at. Plus those achievements are gonna keep me going forever just like crackdown, halo 3 and cod4. They are IDENTICAL. People who point out small things are GAY. Why do you car about some little glitches ooooooh... Both have great graphics. Im still waiting....... for ps3 to have good games..... Cant wait for MGS4, Killzone2, Resitance 2 (sirens g...

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sixaxis is a waste, it does nothing. Played all the ps3 games and none of them have sixaxis that works. Id rather hit x to reload thank you i dont need to flip my controller. But yea sixaxis was only cool in the one fun part of heavenly sword when your shooting cannon balls at the other army. other then that i didnt even finish that game. too repetitive. ps3 controllers not that good.. id rather have rumble.

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I play all third party games on my 360 cause its got rumble.(not to mention its got all my friends and achievements.) Since i do that theres not alot to play on ps3. played all the 1st party and now i just use it for movies. Rumble better come out before ps3s AAA games come out. Sucks i already bought 2 controllers without rumble. F**kin 100 bucks. people downplay rumble but for madden and first person shooters its really needed.

and sixaxis is not needed. sickest time...

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Gears of war 2 vs. Killzone 2. Who said MS didnt have a great 08 line up.

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