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But the smaller 1-2 player ships have a huge advantage with speed and mobility. Bigger ship doesn't mean better, otherwise nobody would play single player if they stood no chance of surviving.

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Not sure this is big news. It's been pretty dead for a couple of years. Tech dies all the time. I`ll put it in the same drawer as my NES Power Glove, Move controllers, and Wonderbook.

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I`ll put it in the same drawer as my Move controllers and Wonderbook.

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Repawns comments about the Xbox One X:

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What about Rings of Power on the Genesis? The code to make the girl topless in the intro was legendary!!

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Been waiting over 20 years for Phantasy Star 5. Make it happen Sega.

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This isn't THAT big of a deal...but kind of an oversight. Could get kind of tedious plugging and unplugging the headset whenever you want to use VR or your TV.

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This is in NO WAY a PS4P bashing article.

Two things:
1) All six reasons are factual. Whether they are important to each individual is up for debate, but the points are valid.
2) There is PLENTY of praise for the PS4P in the article. It mentions it's better hardware numerous times.

Wouldn't be surprised if Forbes is working on another article entitled "6 reasons to buy a PS4P."

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"Better once and for all" is too hard lined. Each has pros and cons. I hated the idea of going digital. I've always had something tangible and I thought I'd not be able to let that go. But mostly buying digital this gen has been great, and I like it better. It's more money, no doubt, but you pay for convenience. Thanks to digital, I get to do more midnight my underwear...on my couch.

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Movefasta1993 - At the time, the world was far more impactful than the world of Oblivion. Personally, I enjoyed the lore and land of Morrowind better than I did Cyrodiil. Everything since Morrowind since felt like a simplified version of Morrowind...prettier, and with better combat, but still simplified. The setting of Morrowind is still enough to make me want to play the game. There are fast travel locations, rather than instant fast travel, which also forced you to explore. Knowing you coul...

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Morrowind was the far better game, but fewer people played it since it was a PC and Xbox exclusive. So I can see why Oblivion is a wanted remaster...but my vote would be Morrowind.

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Got the same deal (Newegg) Haven't played Doom or Quantum Break yet. Excited for the system to show up Saturday.

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dcbronco...MS already has liquid cooled phones. The Lumia 950 and 950XL are liquid cooled. It's what I use; they're rock solid phones, but they do lack in the app department.

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I guess I'm a bit old school. Phantasy Star 1 (Sega Master System) and Final Fantasy 6 (SNES) are games I've played many times over the years. Love the 8/16bit era.

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From what I hear, it's gonna be similar to the "shared world" experience of Destiny and The Division's Dark Zone. You can play by yourself, or team up with other online players. There won't be a subscription.

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I need to see more of the title. But if this is "classic" Rare at their best, this has the potential to be my most anticipated game of 2017. Could end up working really well as a VR game too.

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You sir, are a true gamer. I tip my hat to you! So sick of this fanboy crap. But fanboyism has always, and will always exist. But at least in the Sega v Nintendo era is was somewhat civil.

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In this day and age gamers should NEVER have to tethered to their system by a cable because their battery died. Internal batteries would have been a terrible choice for a $150 controller. Removable batteries, whether rechargeable or normal, gives a gamer much more freedom.
I usually turn vibrate off too, so I can get 40+ hours off my Eneloops before they need replacement. No brainer.

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Magoo. Since you said you don't use Amazon, I know you don't have a clue what you're talking about. I'll explain what Larry said. See the term "Amazon verified purchase"? It means a PS4 console was sold to the account on which the feedback is being made. Anyone could leave a comment, but unless you bought a console from Amazon, it won't show up as verified. So pull that Sony branded vibrator out of your ass, and see the truth. Many consoles are working at this pa...

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Been rockin' the Windows phone for 3 years now. I've used each OS (android, iOS) extensively, and Windows is what I like best. To each their own though. (If you get one, make sure you get a Nokia)

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