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Problem is Ubisoft doesn't innovate, they just attempt to replicate popular things.

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A lot of fanboys on this site think Sony can literally do no wrong. They could start deleting users accounts and purchases randomly and people here would be defending them.

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OK grandpa, I'll send the nurse into change your nappy and turn Faux News back on in a minute.

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He probably thinks "gay" is contagious, even through media.

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Even during the trailer I could see that buildings in the distance looked like simple squares with n64 textures. Don't hold your breath for an even remotely decent looking game.

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I highly highly HIGHLY doubt the kind of person who likes anime 14 year olds would ever want to interact with a real 14 year old, much less lust after one.

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I hope its a game and not a dating sim.

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Yeah I thought this site was "News 4 Gamers" not "News 4 Gamblers"

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Maybe they shoulda worked on making the whole package better instead.

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Didn't RF5 already release in Japan half-baked and full of framerate and loading issues? Did they fix anything?

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They need to sort the loot out. It's simply impossible to get what you want... but nothing really demands it so you are left with a half-baked build on all characters making them feel unsatisfying. Like I can easily see how fun it would be if you could have properly built characters but its not ever gonna happen in my lifetime with the drops the way they are.

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They can say what they want; the game was a GAAS title.

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Yeah, if you need to drain your wallet on P2W garbage.

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Don't say that. Don't give me hope.

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The amount of COPIUM the fanboys are on makes them speak in tongues.

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11 months later and they still haven't even hinted at the development of Spiderman.

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If I was subscribing for games I'd definitely have skipped this month after the leak and the last few months.

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BDO sucks. Only good for the character creator.

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They abandoned Anthem. Typical EA.

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Jennifer Hale did a great job in Mass Effect but if I have to hear her voice in another game I'd rather just mute the voice acting. She's so overused like Troy Baker and Nolan North.

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