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Yeah, definitely not their rules.

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158 million people in The US alone are without access to any internet lines. A lot of them probably enjoyed playing Gran Turismo. They can no longer follow the series due to an issue they cannot control.

These games are made to die, which means the experience will be lacking from
Day one compared to previous entries, and all fun and games will be finite due to the short lifespan of online games in general.

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Because you’re judging this as though everyone that has a bad word to say automatically has an Xbox or is a fanboy of another company, which is paranoid and weird

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Something that will eventually lead to getting the players in to buying microtransactions

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Not everyone has to fight in games like this.

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Even if it was real I can’t see how it is insulting to anyone, be they game players or people who feel a bit lonely.

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What does that make the media in the public eye?

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Boris Johnson next? Someone needs to blow that wig of his head in any event 😂

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FF7 isn’t a remake, it is a parallel story. The word remake is not regarding the game itself, but the story of the game.

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Yeah 😄 It’s misquoted but that’s what I was going for. Nice!

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“91% real estate sold to advertisers without causing seizures “

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It’s not

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Yeah I know it’s a quote. It he words chosen have some truth to the person who used it. It really is a special occasion to sad people.

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Special occasion? It’s a review. They don’t take fanboy feelings into account.

It’s a game launch, not someone’s retirement party, take it down a notch, it’s embarrassing. 😅😅😅

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it’s not like that. The industry is already going through what cinema has gone through with Marvel films I.e repeated form factor. AAA Games are already the same every time, be they colourful fortnight ripoffs, or number-based RPGs with health bars and damage numbers, full of microtransactions.

Marvel has made blockbuster cinema as uniform as gaming has made itself.

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It IS AAA. It’s not hard to get a high score for AAA on these sites. A ten is not as rare as it used to be either :(

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This is a ps5 game, not an Xbox game. Halo is irrelevant.

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Is the best? It’s not out yet.

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What? That’s the exact opposite of what’s going to happen. They showed people Kratos dying during the last game so there won’t be some lame backlash from fans. That answer also doesn’t make sense from a storytelling perspective

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He dies in Ragnarok. It’s not about dealing with the end of the world, it’s living with your world ending i.e Atreus become an orphan after losing his parents. Kratos lost his family in the first game and Atreus will lose the last of his in this in order to become the new main character of the series. It’s not a big thing to worry about because they’re both just OK as far as characters go and Atreus can always use the blades and the ace himself in another game

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