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Guaranteed to happen.

Watch as no body of authority brings this up over the next year.

Microtransactions are in games because "games are too expensive to make." This - up to now - has been proven false, and now that the conglomerates have their $10 price hike, we should see no more MTX in games, as a lot of these same conglomerates have said "price hike or MTX." Because it's the games industry, we are going to get both and no one w...

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Yeah, every Xbox Exclusive now is just "Sea of Thieves but..." And it's depressing

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There's always one who tries to make the comments section into the battlefield of a race war isn't there....

(I'm talking about you)

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"Might be mediocre"

Oh... Might it be? Who decides this axiomatic truth? It's still art and a gaming is still a subjective medium. If the technical side is polished, then the feeling of the experience to be had is down to the person playing the game.

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I've had it for a few hours, it's magic.

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The idea of an open world, live service Splinter Cell game sounds tedious and awful, so Ubisoft isn't making one. Never in a million years would they consider making a... linear game. You can't service the hell out of consumers.

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Masculine? Lol wut? Doom doesn't even meet the stereotype of masculine. Doom mostly appeals to nerds and long haired virgins who listen to intolerable music, stereotypically.

I played the last one and liked it a lot and Eternal is my GOTY so far, but let's not pretend that it appeals to the most masculine of masculine men

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@brainsyphoned China are a capitalist country.

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Because people, for the most part, go into work straight from a high school education, get bogged down with too much responsibility and depress themselves into mental, social, financial difficulty and by the end of their life only know politics - be that socio or economical - through what they learned from watching their parents struggle through life. It's a cycle of abuse caused by what you have to do to survive in a system that's unfair by design.

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It is on this site. So ps-centric.

Animal Crossing and Doom come.out this week but you wouldn't know it due to how much heat the PS5 demos are getting :/

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A job is a job, idiot. I'm blue collar and absolutely hate people like you. You're a class-war speedbump made of calcified idiocy.

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Not going to work on N4G - the comment section for PS4 games is the definition of consumerist greed.

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Come on, dude, it's stupid. It's appealing to people who don't know enough about the world in the hopes that they'll reward you by buying games from the Epic Store.

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Still art, though. Tim Sweeney knows that art cannot be apolitical. He's just saying it so stupid people will be things from his store.

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No, I've worked with every party in this country. Believe me. Even the Tory politicians I've spoken to know the BBC is theirs. They're incredibly thankful for their coverage and don't expect to lose an election any time soon.

You do know in order to be woke you have to "wake," right? Why would leftwingers need to wake up to turn into what they already are?

And this is me including UK citizens in this ...

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Ironically, The BBC news channel is The UKs most rightwing news channel. They're our Fox and Friends. This is a woke game (leftwingers aren't woke, btw, moderates are) with a rightwing news channel.

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You sound well trained.

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I have the game! It's great!

Got it this morning. Just finished the Raditz saga a few hours ago.

The HUD is a bit much but it feels good flying around all the little open worlds :3

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I'm not a minority, I'm white, don't worry.

Put the freaky pickaxe down, Bloodborne villain.

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Precisely - the need to have people under your boot due to having underwhelming private parts.

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