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I thought that law was passed which required all blu-ray devices have an hdmi cable to be bundled.

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Thank you, Nintendo.

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The name weakU describes that console in so many ways.

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It's not like they care. The next CoD will probably break Blops 2's day one sales record.

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I don't understand why anybody wouldn't want it to be all CGI. In this manner, we can have all the original voice actors.

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You're either a troll or just an idiot.

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I thought your first comment was hyperbole, but then you essentially attempt to justify it by saying that the devs count the loading times as part of the gameplay time. I now believe that you're just insane. Unless you make it an effort to spend your time in the loading screen, the loading times in AC would make up perhaps less than 5% of the total time you're playing.

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lol I'm not liking, subscribing, or commenting. But I gave him a view so I feel terrible.

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An older gamer is not a core gamer. The controller is still a gimmick and the target audience are suckers and ninty fans.

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Enough with your politically correct bullshit.

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I wwebsite as on the internet

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Of course not. I'd say it's about an 8:1 ratio of men to women in my major (electrical engineering). Half of the women are attractive, though. Thankfully it's not a leper colony.

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I haven't dropped engineering to go into business! And I plan on continuing not to.

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Those women are idiots and just want to nag. If I were to say that children don't know anything about partial differential equations, my statement obviously doesn't cover the rare mathematical prodigy that knows more math and understands it better than me as an engineering major.

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lol he edited it. Looks like "an moronic" was "an autistic".

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Then I am not a gamer according to this guy.

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The Japanese version includes MGS1 without Peacewalker. The US has Peacewalker, but no MGS1.

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If it was the other way around, people here would be applauding Sony and not calling this article out on its motives. I too think this is pointless, but most of you are two-faced when it comes to BS like this.

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I really don't get your analysis. Because someone uses Bing, it means that they're MS fans up the wazoo? Do all people with iPods own Macs? I highly doubt it.

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What's the point? If you have access to a bunch of other channels without the 360, why would you use the 360 at all to watch TV?

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