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People ONLY talking about this game taking a long time to develop rather than discussing how nice it looks, completely ignoring/not mentioning any externalities or material circumstances over the past two & a half years that might have led to it being delayed for so long, and gamers still clutch pearls and try to claim they're oppressed when they get called entitled lol.

"I want my chicken tendies on time and better than perfect, the cooks aren't working h...

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Considering online games have turned into a total nightmare of fee to pay mechanics and now crypto shenanigans I'm not really clear on why people want Nintendo to "move faster" on online games. Like we know where online gaming leads: off the edge of a cliff.

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Sony's "AAA" quality is going to deteriorate because they're quadrupling down on live services and shutting down any studios that made anything other than miserable, depressing gritty realistic bore fests. Sony is going to be nothing but live service zombie and marvel games soon.

Gamepass is making Microsoft more lenient and allowing a wider range of game projects outside of the dudebro "look at me Oscars, my game can look like a movie too" spec...

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My prediction is this game is going to be a No Man's Sky clone; it will be a barren survival/crafting game and absolutely not the "Skyrim in space" people are assuming it will be. Its not being talked about because they want to stave off the backlash as long as possible.

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Totally incorrect. The ugliest console ever made is the Supergrafx:

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By your logic I could say "You chose your hobby." You get insane amounts of games that are constantly on sale all the time: you should either be patient for new ones to be finished and just play the hundreds of other games you already have access to every year until the new one comes out or find a new hobby if you can't wait for things.

Also lol of course you provide no source on your claim about analysis saying average release dates would would without crunc...

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Its not consumers or "casuals" doing this: its rich people. "Whales" are people who spend amounts like $2000 a day on microtransactions. These are people who make over 100k a year. Popular Youtube/Twitch screamers all likely engage in this behavior.

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Lol you people are so propagandized. $50 is what games used to cost, they went up for no reason other than to please shareholders who want infinite growth every quarter.

People pay 60 and 70 for empty, unfinished MTX loaded trash like CoD and Battlefield and then endlessly complain and argue about them all the time on twitter and YT but an indie boomer shooter that will play about a million billion times better and will be a finished, complete game with no monetization is ...

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The specs should be good enough. It has eye tracking and foveated rendering which are the two things VR nerds endlessly go on and on and on and on about as some miraculous holy grail thing that's going to save VR and suddenly cause it to go mainstream by next Thursday.

My guess is all the games will still be boring little tech demo experiences where you stand in place and shoot at things or stand in place and swing your arms at things though. Horizon Call of the Mounta...

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We need to stop writing dumb articles.

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Dude the Xbox One impulse triggers just vibrate. The dualsense triggers change their tension; the amount of force required to pull them. Absolutely not the same effect, duuuuhhhh. Get with the program here guy, its not hard to read words.

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No because it's too late: its already built for those systems. Also the people complaining about the graphics don't mentally understand what they want; their thought process consists mostly of "oh there's less stuff on screen so its bad graphics." There's none of the fake AO and scratches on the guns, which is likely intentional because they keep saying they want it to look more like the original halo (which had a much cleaner look).

The complaints...

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This thing is so inane. Its a collection of "quirks" that are so forced and cliched that it ends up feeling incredibly boring and obvious. Oh it has a crank. Of course it does because you've gotta have a really uninteresting input gimmick that isn't actually different from anything that's been done before (hello paddle controllers). Its black and white because of course it is. Making it low fi isn't enough: gotta get rid of color for that extra bit of hipsterness. It...

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And he played a pivotal role in making it this way. God of War was one of the initial instigators of the modern wannabe filmmaker era, where every big studio game is just a giant excuse for some hack to ram their high school screenplay down everyone's throat. Just make the game a tube full of cutscenes with a film student level story and fill it full of embarrassingly juvenile attempts at "maturity." Then Rodger Ebert will take me seriously right?

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What would Sony even show at E3 anyway, ANOTHER post apocalyptic zombie game? What are they going to do, show a game called "Last Days," a co-op online shooter that's described as "like Left 4 Dead with zombies?" A nondescript realistic open world game called "Rising: Reckoning Origins?"

E3 is old and played out and tired and boring and Sony has become the most tedious part of the whole coma inducing affair.

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Lawbreakers and Radical Heights failed because they're targeting an audience that has a massive, massive MASSIVE MASSIVE ENDLESS number of games already available that directly target them. There's a gigantic sea of multiplayer only shooters already available for people who want that; they're not being developed so much as they are being spewed out like individual droplets of water from a lawn sprinkler.

There are already like billion multiplayer only shooters c...

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Or you could just not play it

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Game streaming isn't going to replace anything and it has nothing to do with technical limitations. Here's the deal, video games, especially console and PC games, chug along predominately based on two specific factors: Fanboyism and hyperconsumerism.

1. Fanboyism: How often do you hear people justify their purchases based on what "faction" they're in? How often do you hear people say "I'm an Xbox guy" or "I'm a PC gamer" or ...

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All them.

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By "innovative options" they mean "burn your money on nothing because you're a dipshit fucktard whale and we've come a huntin!"

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