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Don't copy the acheivement system from live cause its Last-Gen right fanboys? you have the most illest blu-ray player on the planet and now you want an acheivement like system to increase the left on your paultry video game list?

Bogus Acheivements,Late arse Rumble, Fake guide button, and wireless out the box? Seem like somebody stayed trying to steal ideas and keep coming up with the short end of the stick huh?

Fuk Sony an Fuk the Fangirls that run with it. This pie...

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"for the most part, the human eye can't discern anything over 24 fps. below that, however, and you begin to notice.

No son, your human eye can Discern anything over 23fps. If you can see the difference then you don't wanna pay attention.
Most of the time nything that runs at 60fps is in Hi-Res Example:
Call Of Duty 4
Virtua Fighters
NBA Live, Madden (360)

If this game falls unde 30 this all i have to ask...Where is ...

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Sony 2 MS 0 just cause a 2 weeks of Lives Sever overflooding? N1gga please!! If you need hits for your bogus @ss blog just ask for it.

The site has become worthless in the last few months. Every Minute there some unheard of dude trying to play Nostradamus for Shock Value.

Wait wait i got a prediction. PS3 to survive the next holiday season by giving aways PS3 to increase the fanbase to rival that of 360's. Along with giving away Free online to its limited Users...

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In a Word.........NO!!!!

Get use to it already.

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You must be fuking stupid. Uncharted could'nt get it done and neither will anyone of those 3. They will be delayed about 2 more times before they see the light of day and by then the 360 will still be moving full steam ahead. You idiots keep thinking that just because halo came out 360 going to stop.

Since those @ss-Pirates at have selected memory we'll just play along.

1)Ninja Gaiden 2 Won't sell because FF30Versus should be out after a couple of De...

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5 million x $59.99 = 299,900,000 roughly. damn i did'nt even include the Special editions.

Somebody made a pretty penny, Somebody could bail sony out after the failure of the PS3. Somebody could care less about spending 30 mil.
Somebody could care less if bungies leaving without the Chief.
Somebody could keep the coding and make better models and textures for the newest Halo.

*In Sony Fanboy Mode*
Bungies ain't all that anyway. they're bigge...

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Cn't wait for this one. Glad i got a release date so i can rack up on some points now.

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With that xbox logo on it thats when the crying starts.

Anyways Funny article. Just imaging all of the parent who will get dupped ny this. Nice marketing plan sony. File this under

*The Twilight Zone*

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I really don't get caught up in hype when i have no visual evidence so i'll just play it safe by saying........................ .......

Jade Empire 2 is in Development. Fuk whateva M$ is talking about here.
This is the one you sony Trolls should be scared of. If it turns out to be a MMORPG. Its a Fuking Wrap to anything that Comes out during the Quarter. If you ask me MGS is the Same thing every year, Just easier and New user friendly.

Remember how MGS2 wa...

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On Christmas so i don't know what the fuk they're talking about. To the Many Xbox live Moderaters that watch over and maintain the Fort even when US LAZY BRATS Play games all day while you work.........

We Salute You!!!

This is Why we pay for the service. So that no matter what someone's always on the job. Thank you MS. Sorry Sony Fandriods you still have no games to play on Christmas.

P - Pretty
S - Sorry
N - Network


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My Tip and Tactic only is for Teamdeath match.

Anything after that is bogus. This game is to undtable to play and other gamelist other than Oldschool or Harcore.

I love Oldschool to death but i did'nt like the Lone wolves then Teamdeath alternates. Hardcore is for real play that don't need a class but can survive off instinct.

I hate that the Nixed Oldschool before it could become popular.

I love picking up M-16's that already has a ...

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1) Know the Maps and Know the hots spots. Know the common grounds on where the enemy dwells. Try to get use to what it looks like cause photographic memory make for easier kills especially using the M-16A with a red dot attachment.

2) Keeping in Mind its not about Rushing the enemy to get kills. After 3 its the UAV then the Airstrike. Its Almost too Noobish how you an rack up kills by camping. In due time the kills will rise when the Helicopter gets there.


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Don't Forget the Near-Perfect port of The original Half-Life or the first 60 FPS on DC made by Sega themselves which deserved a Sequel

Dreamcast failed because sega did'nt make due on the last projects (Sega CD,32x) by cutting the life span short when developers signed on to make games for it. Coupled with the fact Sony came into the Video game Market with slandering bussiness techniques and Payoffs for exclusives it was bound to slow down the steam...

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You could just Download the Demos and get a feel for what you are dealing.

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First off Sony Fangirls what are you crying about? GTHD5 was late and its still not even a full game.

May i repeat it again
"Forza Motorsport 2 sets the bar for racing simulation genre"

You could put an Armani Suit on a Monkey and underneath it its still a monkey.

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Gave Comcast, CableVison and Road Runner a whole lot of bussiness in the last 2 years. 700k compared 7 million strong and growing.
You can't even give away free gaming on the PSN network.

Let me remind you. Netzero started of free an so did Juno.
Where are they now?

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This game looked like Gears when it was in it early stages (remember the Vids?) but everytme i see gameplay the textures seem sh1tty and the player details are far and few. Im not really mad cause this is just a video game but you can imagine how Sonybots feel because what happen to them was with a whole system. After playing COD4 i will never except anything in Lo-res anymore. I love my games in high Resolution period. I love that Glossy look and the last sytem to have a majority of its game...

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You Still Trust Ubisoft? I am a 360 owner and i still don't like Ubisoft. Any company who still make games with Frame-rate issues,Lo-Res, Buggy sprites and heavy Frame drops using these High Power beast is nothing to praise over. Ever one of the games they made is bogus to me.

On the other Hand that comment you made:

"We have FREE online and a next-gen controller with are you talking about ? oh thats right you guys don't have a next-gen contr...

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"Xbox only got first person shooters" " The Xbox can only do FPS's"

" Fuk Halo 3 cause online is'nt important"

My how the tables have turned. I won't even go on to talk about what im hearing.

"Online isn't import"
"Rumble is Last Gen"
LOL!!!!! Ya'll Sony Fandroids is Finished. This Bullsh1t system is goig under.

Here Have a Snickers "Why Wait?" Cause is PS3...

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