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"Second YOU are the troll hence the one bubble"

Then what does that say about obvious trolls like MariaHelFutura with her 8 bubbles.

N4G is all about "If you are not with us, you are against us" mentality. The more you bash MS and say good things about Sony, your bubbles will increase and vice versa.

Don't pretend otherwise.

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LOL, not another one of these lame, results already predetermined, article.

It is like asking Red Sox fans in Fenway park who they are going to root for: Red Sox or Yankees.

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Apps only accessible with the gamertag of Phil Harrison.

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rumors, conspiracy theories, spygate, catastrophic events, yup it is official. The N on N4G stands for National Enquirer 4 gamers. LOL, I have seen it all.

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If if Sony follows through with the same Drm restriction, then what? Will the PS4 sneak in your house?

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It would be so funny if Sony have the same restriction as MS during the PS4 announcement at E3. N4G would have a meltdown and I expect 3/4 of them to go back to their caves like pre-MS conference and won't show their face again. I hope it is not true because the PS4 is the system I am planning to get at this point but to see the spins and meltdowns on Sony fanboys' faces might be well worth it for the [email protected] they are saying on every MS articles without 100% sure what the whole plans are...

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It is really not that bad, just incomplete. Since MS already said that E3 is all about games and this conference was just a reveal of the console, I am willing to see what they got. All gamers should do the same and watch both MS and Sony conferences. For all the bashing that MS is taking right now, what if Sony reveal something similar? It will make a lot of people on N4G eat crows.

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@ dcbronco,

Third party support is the key to any console success from NES to the PS2. Consoles like the Dreamcast and Sega Saturn have great 1st party games (some of the best games ever made, might add)and those consoles only lasted a few years because of a major key element is missing, no Third party support. The Wii jumped the gun and release the Wii U early because the Wii sales have slowed down greatly for the past few years because of no third party support. Sure the PS...

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From the article
"Remember folks, EA dropped its online pass policy for future games; the only reason the company would do that is if there is a new alternative. This new alternative would have to be supported on both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. We have a general idea of what Microsoft is up to, and it is now up to Sony to come clean."

Gosh, I hope this is not he case. EA might just be the key to all these rumors going around regarding used games.

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And I am not surprised many N4G extremists are trying to downplay a product that is not their preferred brand of choice after only a 1 hour preview with many features and that are still unknown and questions that have yet to be confirmed or answered.

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No ATM. I will wait to see what the heck is going on with all these next gen consoles, price, game lineups, DRM restriction, used game/rental fees, etc.. before I even think of getting a next gen console. So far, I think the PS4 is the right console for me. Things can definitely change after E3, I'll just have to wait and see.

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MS just got "Donnie Brasco" by Phil Harrison. This man is a Sony Spy sent over to MS for one purpose, and one purpose only...To destroy the Xbox brand and so far, he is doing a great job at it. Well played Sony, well played.

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Girl, you need to stop with the side xbox bashing, this article is not even about xbox. So what you are saying is, you considered a system with minimal third party support a gaming system and not the ones with all third party support?

Also, stop with conspiracy theory that the Kinect is a spy tool and watches you like the Truman Show; you know better than that. This is some hardcore trolling at its finest.

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Maria, you been beaten a dead horse regarding this eurogamer post. All Yoshida is confirming is that it will not block used games, and nothing confirmining that there will NOT be a fee involve.

When really asked about online registration of games and fees, Sony failed to answer them in other interviews.
" W...

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I like that Forza 5 boxart. Looks sleek and fantastic.

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"XO exklusives, where are they?"


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The only hardcore gamers are those that play MMO and lock themselves in their mother's basement and the only time they move is to go to the bathroom and take a dump.

Please, playing Japanese Anime RPGs on your VITA don't make you hardcore. LOL

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Did someone say Crackdown 3???


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Actually this is one of the feature of the Kinect 2.0 that really excites me. Imagine playing a horror game and the action on screen or how the AI react depended on your heart rate. It can be a neat idea for developers.

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Sorry Strongman, I need to borrow one of your inFamous (no pun intended) quote........ "DAY ONE"

I am getting this game with my PS4! Love the first 2 games.

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