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Cloud will make x1 4X more powerful, DX12 will make X1 2X more powerful, once devs learn the ESRAM the X1 will be more powerful, the hidden GPU will give X1 the advantage, new dev tools will give X1 the advantage, the X1's architecture is that of a super computer...

No, no outrageous claims about superior performance and power from Xbox fans ever.

But yes, resolution is pointless now and we should conveniently forget it this ...

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The differences were MUCH smaller last gen for multiplats. But it was made into a big deal.

I personally do not even care that much, I am currently playing chrono trigger and graphics/resolution are the furthest thing from my mind.

I just think it's funny that people are calling foul now on the exact thing that was so important last gen apparently.

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Crytek used the word triangles when talking about Ryse's polygon count as well!


I am not saying infamous is perfect, but it is the most impressive graphically.

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I think a lot of games use a mix of baked and dynamic lighting. I may be wrong but Forza 5 is really the only game I can think of to only have baked lighting so far this gen...

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I really have to disagree strongly with Ryse being the most impressive game graphically, maybe artistically, but not graphically. Even it's main gloating point 80,000 polygons for it's character was smashed by infamous at about 120,000 polygons. But another true test of machine power is how well a game runs, and at 900p it can only manage mid 20's and drops to mid teens, while infamous stays at a solid frame rate at 1080p even with it's particle effects going...

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If it does great! I'm not holding my breath though, it's not that big of a deal.

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How many PhD's does someone need to get paid to take guesses and generally be wrong?

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There are generally a lot more Sony fans from what I have seen, therefore more Sony fanboys too. Doesn't make one side worse than the other, which I think is what you are implying...

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Shadows fall and mercenaries not rated very good, but I wouldn't call them overrated as a studio and some of their games actually have scored great. They just need to give Killzone a rest. It is a good thing they brought in a good writer, that was an area they needed help with.

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Also, I'm not trying to say you specifically said such things or anything like that, and I do understand to some degree why "doom and gloom" articles were put out directed toward Sony because of their financial struggles. But major studios have financial problems and let MANY people go all the time!

It just gets to me that Sony is DOOMZED because of it and others aren't...

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No, I just think it's funny that people do that to Sony and not to MS...

People even go so far to drag down Evolution Studios because the game director left, with trolls calling for doom and gloom. Even though he left because of a family issue, even eventually putting out that exact statement because the doom and gloom got so out of hand.

Now the lead architect of the X1 leaves MS and there is nothing to see here, guess it's all good for MS ...

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Fair enough.

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Borderlands 2? I don't know anything about it but it would seem that is a decent AAA for the vita. I was honestly thinking about picking up the bundle unless it is no good...

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I am a big fan of Insomniac so I wish them the best, but I think the trolling goes both ways. Sony fans aren't the only ones talking trash, X1 fans are rubbing it in and starting it up a lot of times.

The game does look fun, Insomniac are very good devs and I wish them well on this game.

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lol, it's all good when a high up leaves at MS because it's not reported by the media. Nothing to see here people, move along. No doom and gloom like when a sony dev leaves, even though they hire new ones. sheesh.

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Sony did what? MS did what?

how do you know all of this?

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Yes, and I am sure many people think Knack is better than Ryse... Does that make the majority want a second one? Probably not.

Oh those two games have nothing in common, my bad.

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Interesting that you would compare a janitor to the lead architect of the X1...

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Dang, Drive Club takes the crown big time. I think the big 2 racers are both gonna be great though.

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Drive club definitely looks to be the most impressive racer to date on consoles. Such a graphical powerhouse. The eye candy has just not been seen in other racers on consoles. Love it.

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