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i can't wait..

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it should still work, they dont list all the cards. yours will be just fine. the game comes out june 3rd. not the 26th as someone stated

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i just want to see an option for all types of military uniforms for your avatar. air force, marines, army, navy, etc

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i want to see different types of military outfits. maybe outfits from all branches would be cool.

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check your local yellow pages and you might find one in your area

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dude, this game loos great. but remember thou its not about how superb the graphics has to be but the actual gameplay. i really think it will be great. and to me the graphics looks really good.

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this might be a game i will have to get just becase of it being ghostbusters. its about time we get some stuff from the 80's. hopefully this will have online co-op or multiplayer.

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yeah that would be cool, but in the city where i live they would make sure we wouldn't get to play it, they would throw us in jail and call it illegal. but i would like to see 1. vs 100 and the netflix party view very soon.

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im sorry but i disagree with some of you. as a parent, their is nothing wrong with allowing children to play uno. it is a family game. for all agaes either online or offline. the jack*** whom turned his camera over yo porn is sick in the head. he should have better since than that. knowing what he did was wrong. he could be banned or he should be thrown in jail for showing that in front of a child. his camera shows who has cameras on. he either doesnt give a damn or just didnt pay attention ...

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ok they say they have 17m active accounts. and the worldwide sales of the ps3 is only 12m. so basically Sony is telling stories to the public. like others have said on here. 17m comes from multiple accounts created on ps3 network. if each console had 1 account created then that means they would have sold 17m and not 12m. which they did not sell that many. here's the link to the worldwide sales data of all nextgen consoles. see for yourself..