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Nicce , awesome

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BS , Try the one used to get TR from Sega and its fans .
Lets not forget the strong arm tactics used to obtain all IPs during their existence .

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Has nothing to do with being pushed in their face , some just have no quarrels buying what they want and enjoy it .
As for the PC aspect of your comment not everybody want to play on PC or care for mods .

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Great game, I liked it so no issues paying 60.00 to play a re-master

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Then hold your own event and announce it but say something at least .

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AC Rogue on Xbox one BC

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All I want is AC Rogue to be allowed BC on Xbox one , everything eee

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If they don't infringe on any patents like he states , then he should have no issues when experts look for themselves .

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Mankind & Madden are priority everything else can wait till a very later date .

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Just make sure the IP never goes anywhere and is only sold from the windows 10 store and all will meaningful .

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Mention of a new model or maybe constant media scrutiny at every turn .
No matter the reason I will only support and buy till whenever they decide to leave , so as of now I see them going no where .

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Do it , do it .do it

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I like to gamble so I say lets gamble away ......

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Prove it with actual proof not hearsay .

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Depends on the consumer if she or he likes what is being offered ..... As for me Hell yeah can't wait

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