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In don't think bloober team need any help to doom the silent hill project just look at the medium.

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@Obscure_Observer that die-hard Xbox fanboys (as your self) need E3 is true , the fameus " just wait till E3 " defense words is all you guys had the last 10 years.

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Here we go again Cloud powa 2.0 :-) :-) :-)

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There goes the xbox 2021/22 exclusieve line-up haha

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If this was Sony the media would be outside right now with the Pitchforks .

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VR is just added tot RE4 a 16 year old game so a recent game like RE8 would probably end with.VR option to .

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To be honest Frankenstein army was the first thing that came tot my minds when i was in the Heisenberg factory

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If Bruce , Amy , and Christophe would also return return , would be awesome

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I bet it's same people who brun this game on release , that are now crying croccodile tears why there will be no sequel , the hypocriet game journalist .

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Xbox is playing catch up to Playstation since it's existence ,Now that you can rent games with a monthly subscription on Xbox , Playstation has two catch up ? Hahaha .

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Iam affraid that Jim Ryan could be Sony's Don Matrick. < Shawn Landen is beter suite tot be the Boss of Playstation.

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Sony needs tot deal with Jim Ryan ASAP before it's to late .

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Foxtrot ,

well said !

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Where were this crying hypocretes when Xbox 360 had call of duty exclusieve partnership ?

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Just wait 2-3 year is the new wait till E3 haha

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I would rather call it a hd eyetoy attempt instead of Wii mote

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So much for keeping bethesda games exclusive now. lol

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I hope a horror game

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i buy that for a dollar hahaha .

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I hope for them that 7.5 billion Bethesda deal will be worth it .
360 sold in it first 3 a 4 years better than the ps3 do to RROD , stupid peolple both that thing twice or trice becouse of RROD , en they had a1 year headstart and at the end PS3 still beat them .

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