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Every canon Mario game, Smash Bros and Mario Kart are classics in my book. Definitely no exception with the Wii U entries.

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almost relieved no one has disagreed with you

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Don't worry, the Nintendo fans are out there playing Mario Kart and Smash Bros instead of trolling articles spewing the same old nonsense about Nintendo being out of touch, dying, and whatnot. That hasn't changed since the N64 days. Doom and gloom cycle never stops. Nintendo makes mistakes but nothing they can't recover from, primarily because, like you said, their software is consistently the "toast of the industry."

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That's kind of my worry- no progression, nothing to keep you wanting to explore from one planet to the next. Will the next planet and it's inhabitants look different than the last? Almost definitely. But will you be doing the same boring stuff on each one, with none of that boring stuff helping you accomplish a larger end-goal? I sure hope so.

And for all those millions of planets, I'm a little worried that after a little while we'll start seeing the same st...

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Not fair lumping in Nintendo with all those others. As a developer, they still make some of the very best games, regardless of their familiar nature.

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Is there any genuine reason to say the 3DS can't have a remodel when the Gameboy, GBA, DS, PSP, Vita, PS3, and Xbox all had at least one more (and sometimes as many as 3 more?)

It's a newer and better version of a top-selling system. It doesn't need a zillion reasons to exist. Personally I'm satisfied with just the head-tracking and analog nub for games like Monster Hunter and Resident Evil Revelations. I would have upgraded to an XL system anyway (second h...

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this was a 5/5 game for me absolutely loved it, hoping for a sequel one day

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Sunshine is anything but disappointing. One of the best Mario games ever. Like Wind Waker, it stirred up snap judgments from jaded gamers, but it left a lasting impression on everyone else.

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Why is this news-worthy

"I don't play my (enter system name here) so I sold it"

happens thousands of times a day across the world.

fwiw I play my 3DS more than anything else

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it's no more a choice than it is for pedophiles to be attracted to children. they really cannot help it, even if they do not want to feel that way. but that doesn't mean they were "born this way", it's a product of external factors over time that gives way to people having sexual preferences. it doesn't even have to be a gay/straight thing. everyone has different sexual triggers that are basically impossible to ignore. that doesn't mean said triggers are natu...

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no! not like that!

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This is the game that will push me to buying a PS4.

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it was obvious sarcasm; pretty funny read imo

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too bad its free?

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only played 2 and 3 and thought they both kind of sucked. some things done well like the climbing and overall atmosphere, other things.. well.. let's just say the gameplay is super repetitive and easy and the story is laughably convoluted

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Smash Bros and Mario Kart 8 were my 2 GotY, but I don't have a PS4 yet so I haven't played Shadow of Mordor or DA:I yet.

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I can't wait to buy this at a bargain bin price of around $100 so then I can play the PS Plus collection of PS Vita games that has continuously grown over the last couple years

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I can't wait for the new XL. I guess I should feel bad for the schlubs that want a smaller device.. but I don't.

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Honestly. The only racing game that isn't Mario Kart that I give more than a half a damn about.

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its about damn time. it's ridiculous a billion dollar company like blizzard can't roll out iOS and Android apps at the same time

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