Aware Of Consciousness


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I wish they used nostalgia as in game mechanics, not aesthetics. looks bad to me. I would have settled for any other art direction.

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late reply but I preferred when games where hardcore and had smaller more hardcore followings opposed to now where everything is dummed down or made simpler so that casual players can jump right in and play. Its all about the money now, not deep gaming that only few can enjoy or put the time in to.

Understood (money).... but I cant respect devs who change an old games mechanics to appeal a broader audience while alienating those who made a game what it is.

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@rainslacker good point. My assumption is that it will boost variable framerates to have a smaller gap from lowest to 60 and make sure games run at 1080.
Nothing would change about the development of the games. no other visual benefits.

If they do this tho, it will piss off mainly the twitch shooter online players if frame rates are better on newer models.

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I don't see how there should be much of a difference. I see very slightly better textures on pc but nothing you would notice in motion... also slightly better lighting.

For the art/rendering style it would seem the ps4 should be able to match the PC exactly, but it does not.

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love doom but as far as multiplayer goes, im still waiting for the true successor to quake 3

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up now tho .. deleted the halloween dlc (whatever that is) it re-downloaded and all is fine

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well i thought i was loading up .. err_fil_pack_3 corrupt files somehow -_-

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i been stopped playing this game (gw2 core).. I was going to revisit it but i wont waste my time/money.

Insulted that it went F2p and the price of the expansion.

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man i hated AW's movement .. I was hoping they did away with it completely. I like classic COD

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I feel like they owe every console a proper Zelda game.

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GeDoSaTo. downsampling > AA

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i believe its better than 5 ... i actually stopped playing 5 without completing it, never done that before in the series. although i know I will go back .. just havent felt like it.

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of course it does.. . unless you try to view it fullscreen

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i just watched the vid . .it was cool. i also learned a way that you can actually see 3d without the occulus rift watching that youtube video.

1. while watching the video reduce the zoom size of your browser to 33% by holding cntrl and rolling your scroll wheel down on your mouse/hitting the "-" key on your keybard.

2. place the side of 1 hand in the center of the video touching your monitor.. and place your nose bridge against the other edge of...

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the only thing about physical copies is that you still need to have internet and the servers will still need to be up in 10 years so you can download that day one patch because of the incomplete files on disk

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can i get a refund for my pc version since i have the ps4 version in my household? but no seriously do you know how hard it was trying to stay away from this game so i could have a fresh experience when the pc version hit?. ..i could have been done with this game.

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cant believe i made it this far waiting for the PC version , I still know very little about the game. pretty much limited to official info about the game + some random tidbits.

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I remind myself everyday of that potato salad. I need to think of something lol.

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just please ,.... no more exoskels

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