Persona 4 the golden baby!


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Uhm Gravity rush 2 is not developed by Monolith and published nu Nintendo... LOL check your article gameranx

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Thank god that I'm not the only one. This site is a mess..

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Sort of the same situation here. When i was like 6 i got the first playstation with tekken 2. From then one it was playstation. I really recommend going to pushsquare they are not scared to critize any major hyped game. ( like fallout 4 far harbour got a 4 from then ).

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Pushsquare,( yes, i am a playstation only gamer)

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I know everyone is entitled to his opinion. I just don't agree with your opinion. No clicks for you buddy. Luckely i have a standard gaming site that i visit which reviews are honest. I feel a lot of the negatives review just want to have this negative attention.

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Rockstar? I find GTA sooo boring. I think CD Project RED is a much better developer

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@darklink28 Yeah, developers are going the way of destiny, the division or battlefront. Really glad with that direction are you? I will never visit such a website for someone who just want to be hipster and join the hate. Oohw, and tombraider sold poor in comparison with uncharted 4 already. If you like exploring don't buy tombraider buy the witcher:) far better game.

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Read the whole thing and i'm not impressed. Lines like : Nathan Drake is a poor man’s Indiana Jones, nothing more, nothing less. His wisecrack jokes are not funny and the character is completely superficial" are just insulting because i love his humor. You're just some hipster kid who wants to have a share in the uncharted bash fest which generates a lot of clicks. Substance over form could apply on your opinion about Uncharted. Typical :D

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Oke, first time i will buy Battlefield :) Didn't buy any COD or battlefield when modern warfare was the main theme. I'm just a sucker for WOII

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Well, in the dutch language we have a saying which translates in something like this; better to steal a good idea of someone else . Than a badly conceived idea of your own.

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Finally, you seem to have some brains. When i sometimes describe why there is a so called pay gap than I'm a sexist. While most Jobs that earn a lot of mulah (money) isnt seen as interesting for most of the Woman.

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Driveclub is seen as a failure in sales and is sold more than 2 million. Thus, i think So seems a failure. As a PlayStation 4 owner and i student i wish i had enough cash to buy an X1. However, i Just bought ratchet and clank. I pre ordered aliennation ( psn) and want to buy party hard and severed.. i don't see how i can buy an X1 anytime soon. When i buy one Sunset overdrive will be my first game i buy

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It's Just one of those hipsters. A lot is changing in favor of Woman but lately i seems cool to bash white man because we obvisouly want to keep Woman under the tumb.

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At first sight i would agree with the things she said. But then the nagging on the white priviliged male started and i stopped reading. Sorry, but the things she says is more in line what happens in the US because here in the EU ( In the country where i live) girls are outnumbering boys in almost every subject. Even in the beta and tech the numbers are increasing. The reason that a lot of girls aren't working in most of those fields is because most girls i know don't have an interest ...

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6 hours? That's like a good day of studying. :P

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I already saw this on twitter. I really liked this playstation now roulette thing. Magus will not get my attention though.. Playing the witcher and it's just huge.

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This! Telltale uses the same wacky engine which lags all over the place while the witcher is the new standard for open world games. I think they even trumped bethesda with fall out 4

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I would be all over this. Sword fighting with the move controller instead of fruit ninja swipping on the vita.

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Yeah, it's really expensive for new technology... xD The first flatscreens were expensive... My parents bought one of the first flatscreens for 2000 euro. That was a lot of money and that is the price you pay for being an early adapter.

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This! I see people b*tching about this bundle but i don't get it. 2 Move controlllers , a camera and playstation worlds? Perfect bundle if you ask me. I want this because i can show the misses right out of the box why i pay 500 Euro for some glasses ( as she called it)

I will make her a belieber:P

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