PS4 or XB1? I cant decide and I don't want both.


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Does anyone know if the final demo will support the PS4 pro console?

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He says the pro doesn't include 4k HDMI cable. I think he's wrong. It does come with 4k HDMI cable. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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Great game no matter what. That and halo.

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Looks interesting.

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Ps4 pro update would be great!

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I just bought a Samsung 65ks8500. I hope it works with the pro

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My favorite Sony exclusive shooter. Too bad they haven't made a sequel yet. Or at least working on one. I think GG moved away from their best work.

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I played the beta and loved it. Why you ask? Because it's something new and never done before. Its very addicting and the game looks beautiful. I can't believe it's a free to play game. I hope it doesn't ruin the experiance

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Is this just PC?

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I notice the upscaling on my Xbox one s. Not on my ps4. If you had a Samsung 65ks8500 like I do you could see for yourself.

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I hope the neo has some kind of integration with 4k TVs. At least upscale to 4k. I want to get the most out of my setup.

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Finally a real console!

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The real question. How loud is it? If it's as loud as the ps4 when the fans kick on I'll be disappointed.

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I just purchased a Samsung un65ks8500. I'm looking forward to hdr. Its a step into the right direction. Gaming is just getting better.

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I love it but I'm afraid it's going to be loud.

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I loved the order. It had an amazing campaign and great gunplay. All it needed was a leveling system for the weapons and a multiplayer, preferably one that ran at 60 frames. Then it would've been a box hit.

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I hope it's L4D

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I hope this is true. I wonder what halo 6 would look like with this kind of power?

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Bring on the Scorpio Microsoft. It's the best thing I've heard of since sliced cheese. I'm not getting any younger. I want more power. Better looking halo and gears sound great.

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Just do it Microsoft. I'd be on board with a pre order as soon asap.

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