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It was difficult, but Sony Pwnd at E3. GT5 LOOKS OMGMOSMDIANDOAND, and has Nascar, Rally and DAMAGE! PWND

Shame no release date...

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I dont, not the main ones at least. If there will be a MGS5 someday, it will be on Playstation.

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Curiously every 360 fan trashes MGS4 saying its a movie and now they are gloating over a MultiPlat MGS title...go figure ;)

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Talk about milking.

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Even is crappy resolution MP screens we can clearly see the graphical power of this game.

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LOL. Love to see haters rejoicing over a bad score for a PS3 game, specially when it comes from a no name site, it never gets old.

You guys are sad. Go play some games (if you have any) instead of constant hating, grow up.

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People who are desperate to get MSG out of PS exclusive status should just get a PS3 to play them...but i guess they dont even care about the game and just want to gloat.

I am very curious to see in what this riddle will reveal...Kojima must be having a blast!

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Looks like COD4 imo. Hope gameplay is even better.

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I care about results and PS3 is shining in exclusives.

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Killzone 2, Heavy Rain, GT5, Uncharted 1/2, Wipeout HD, MGS4, team ico projetc, Infamous, LBP and GOWIII are some games that should ashame MP developers when it comes to lightning, physics, graphics and animations all together.

I understand its easier to go from 360 to PS3 but devs doing the other way around prove that results are better and both versions are alike or even better on the PS3.

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The cruiser comes down on players i think.

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Holy crap... Look at the effects and animation!

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Hopefully its not a crap copy/paste like DMC4 was.

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Get ready to be blown again.

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Sad tht MS Big announcements are never new games but rather stolen exclusives.

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This thread is hilarious. Seriously people in denail are sad, get a life or go play some good new games.

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This footage alone makes any other game, but kz2, look like a generation below.

It killed.

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Pwnd by Kojima himself.

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