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I just find it amusing how can a game with ps1 mechanics, which I loved at the time, that is remamade every generation gets these huge high scores across the board... While other new ips get slashed into pieces for the usual "not inovative..." or "linear experience".
These standards...

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Hopefully the game will get a huge lift-up/polish.
What the hell happened with these shots? It looks so bland compared to other next gen titles!
Could be a case of looking bad with stills and great while moving though.

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Looks ACE, and it feels just right with that setting. Hope FF will be back in a great fashion!

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I've totally addicted to it since launch, playing with some friends...great start for an ambitious project like this one.
Shame about the poor story present though.

For now I would rate it 8, no doubt, Eurogamer got it right.

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Well, that comment about the colors is rather easy to grasp really... One looks like a colorfull game, the other looks like real life. So it all comes down to preferences in style.

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Absolutely lovely shots!
Driveclub takes the cake for track details, light and effects but this has even better cars i think.
Both will keep my racing vein busy for a long while!

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And still a camera on a stick with no impact whatsoever? .

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If you read as it is stated, they never said such... They only said "one of the best", not the one ;)

I can imagine the game is even bettet than i remember, hopefully i dont get bored because i already played it twice last year... But those new graphical improvements... Yum.

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Shame about the video quality off screen.

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Do you really believe what you just wrote? I would like to know what PC games do this already... Imo it was just a ridiculous statement because we all know, unbiasedly, that this kind of level has never been seen before.

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Holy hell. In-engine cut scene with the best character ever.
Props to ND, they are truly masters.

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Does anyone else think she would be better of with her mouth full and not talking at all?

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As much as I want this game too look amazing, ISS looks much much better, no fair comparisson. But in truth, Watch Dogs has more going on at once, as you can ride cars/bikes and even interact with everyone.

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PS4 version has clearly an aa advantage and also it is visible shadows which are inexistent in the x1 version. For the rest, not much difference in color.

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(sorry double post)

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Some people saying this is CGI just makes my day, it's proof that the studio has attained prestine visuals with this delay!
Coming from a studio that has people who worked on Motorstorm and PGR games, we sure can expect it to be also a blast to play.
I'll get both this and Project Cars, the latter for simulation, but man, this one is just too gen car porn!

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We sure will be amazed by many but the most obvious guesses for wow games :

Mass Effect
The Order
Last Guardian

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As far as I remember most xbox fans wanted MS to stick to their original vision and not the other way around... Still this was a good move from MS, no doubt.
Although it means zero for Sony, they will keep selling regardless and still have the better machine for the same price point.

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I rather have a framerate similar to Infamous with great visuals and effects than locked 60fps with less stuff...

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