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OMG ! Thank you ! Even if it turned out to be awful, its good if they try to continue it and give it a chance. It had so much potential.

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Compared to the releases after Black ops1, this game is a huge improvement.

Compared to COD4 and MW2. This is still a let down. The pros are awesome, but many of the cons are ruining the experience like the spawn,mini map,camping,claymore stuff,map designs..

This studio should be a bit proud, they managed to gain my interest and support for cod, but really they need to balance the game to keep me loyal and positive.

Releasing these old...

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Windows X..
Windows Dot

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Ablegamers, all they want is to be normal like me and you to play games. Once you provide accessibility and remove their difficulties, they no longer need charity. Ablegamers is not a controversial topic too. Charity is to balance life not to give privileges.

Logically, the planet is needy too since we are corrupting it. So it is a form of charity to fix what is broken, to heal the planet. So It is compatible with my conventional definition of charity.


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It turns out, to them (who disagree with us), charity just means donations, to their society charity is not exclusive to the needy living things. Personally, i feel like redefining the meaning of terms like charity messed up the way we humans reason with subjects. but at least they are not confusing us anymore.. :<

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Ooooh ok, if the term charity is redefined in these societies. I can see what you mean ^^. Man, everything is losing its meaning and open for interpretation these days.

But that's how i perceive and use the term charity, in conventional way and that's why i had issue with this.

I'm sorry too, this is all confusing without these conversations >.<

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Read my reply to SamPao.

If LGBT Center of Los Angeles is only used like this i would i agree, or If charity were directed only to these specific people you mentioned until they are treated from this specific abuse, than i can understand. But the charity money goes to finance the whole company and they use it to offer extra programs that are not related to treatment. By definition, that makes them unfit to charity since charity is mainly about the needy. Once these members ...

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Why are you assuming i'm ignorant, I did read it.. It's not answering my question. This charity money can be used for anything within this organization. LGBT Center of Los Angeles have many goals not just to treat their mentally ill members so the charity money can be used to do things like this instead of helping the needy:

From their website:
''Models of Pride is the world's largest conference for LGBTQ youth and allies, including parents and ...

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''It's kinda telling when you single out only one of the charities.''
I'm only referring to the issue, so that you don't waste your time reading the same list twice. It's not my issue if someone get confused for not reading the article..

Why LGBTQ+ community is classified alongside those who are in need?

I would understand veterans, they go to crazy and unjustified wars and come back damaged.

I k...

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''Naughty Dog Donates All Profits From Jak and Daxter Limited Run Sales to Charity''
Me: Cool, bless you ^^

''LGBT Center of Los Angeles''
Why would they need charity though? I understand if they call it donation, but charity is for those who are poor not to exclusive organisations.

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Exactly, this is awesome and these maps will make me appreciate the new things in MW. I just hope the respawn system and map setting is the same. I'm excited ^^

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It's more similar to moba. Even if i like these types of games the gameplay still looks basic.

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Death stranding is very unique in almost every part of it, great passion and huge effort was put into it, great acting from famous actors, amazing graphics, very mysterious, very engaging in many moments, the fun thing in it is that sense of achievement when you help others, you feel good when others helped you, teaches you that even in gaming you can be linked with others. So I love it, the experience will stay in my head for a long time because it is a deep game, a quality experience.

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VR is successful though, you need PlayStation 4 to play ps vr. No one can deny the potential of VR. VR adds a value to those who own ps4 and vise versa. Same can be done with a portable device if it is stranded to ps5, it will be just an option to ps5 players, it will add extra exclusives, extra features, then Sony can see if people are ready to take it to next level or leave it as a small feature. Portable device has great benefit to gamers and great potential. Remote play or cloud gaming is...

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Only this game for me. Sadly no release date. I expected better graphics but it's ok.

Now all i wish for is huge battles with huge armies. I don't want mods to do that, i want the developers designing this option..

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Ok, my hype died in 3 minutes while watching the gameplay XD. This feels like league of legends, i'm not interested :<. I would of give it a chance if the gameplay was deep but it looks so basic, making interesting character design is great but really pointless with that gameplay..

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Im probably buying it but I feel like if they named it differently and made the price 40$ I would feel ok. But calling it a sequel just feels wrong. For me at least..

Also, after all the success they got and after waiting all these years, that's what they are offering for a SEQUEL? Just gives bad taste in my mouth and it hint that their creativity is not as impressive as I thought. Overwatch 1 was impressive and addictive and new, overwatch 2 won't last as long. Oh ...

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If you want unity, be like Tulsi where she gather both parties to fix a valid issue like changing regimes or like fighting Hillary together. Stop categorizing people's suffering into different sides. You are too busy fighting the other side instead of fighting those who caused the issue.

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