Playing Dark Souls I (PC), Spyro The Dragon (PS1), Okami (PS2)


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I love the design, and I find the Series X design rather dull. That's just my opinion though.

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That was very impressive how the levels were shifting in an instant like that. And it didn't seem like small sections either, but rather like huge levels swapping in and out.

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Absolutely loving the design. Gorgeous!

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Played Mafia 2 and I loved it. I only wish there a lot more things to do in the game though. This is a chance for me to play the rest.

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Agreed. Nintendo also seems to have a strong penchant for doing whatever they want, without as so much following trends. For example, no matter how much people complain, their online services/infrastructure today is still behind what Microsoft had at the launch of their Xbox 360, almost 15 years ago. Even the solutions proposed by them feel half baked.

And yet, they continue to sell Switches.

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I think we've seen this movie a few times in the past and we know how it ends.

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And here I thought I was the only one. I am getting a fresh message every single day.

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You're a couple of crusades late man.

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It shall be the...Call of Duty.

I know, I'll get my coat.

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Good question.
It's not really a matter of "can't" but rather of "won't". I'm sure they understand people's reasons for being nostalgic about certain select classic titles that need to be revived either through a remaster (such as God of War 1 and 2) or through an entire remake (Shadow of the Colossus).

I might be wrong, but adding support for PS2 titles does not automatically unlock or guarantee 100% compatibility with all ...

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This is correct. I have over 300 games on Steam alone. I'd love to play all of them, but I know I will never have the time to play them all. I have accepted this.

I think it also has to do with the fact that we get older, have more responsibilities and priorities to deal with in life. I remember spending months trying to finish a game I'd normally beat in less than a week. One of my frustrations in life is how little 24 hours is in a given day.

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I think the author's use of "underrated" here is incorrect. The inFamous games have received good reviews and scores. Unless the author meant to say that the games need some sort of a come back (for next generation), then it makes no sense to call them underrated.

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Agreed. It's also part of the reason why we don't see anymore Prince of Persia games. Ubisoft tried to milk them with a reboot hoping it would be a yearly thing, and when this didn't work they gave up.

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It always annoyed me that I could never play Condemned 2 on the PC. Urgh

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We could use a new game. I love the first two games. They truly provided a unique experience.

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No, this is not true especially for games that ship on a disc - they're still playable. If the updates were absolutely required to play, then the discs would be pointless - you'd just have a case with a code inside (heck, might as well just not even have a case at all and email the codes).

As others have mentioned, Stadia is far from being the future, and its current situation demonstrates this point. Local play using a dedicated console will always remain king for ...

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Recently replayed Killzone 2 on PS3 after a decade. Still awesome, but was disappointed to discover that MP servers were shut down years ago. :(

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There are simply too many other locations where Stadia won't be feasible at all. Plus given Google's track record of putting in the full work on products, I have a feeling that they will half-ass Stadia, barely support it for the next 2 years and kill it.

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Anthem has been and continues to be the poster-child of why you should no longer pre-order games, especially from companies like EA.

I really miss the days of the PS1 / PS2 era. I really do. Maybe it's because of childhood / teenage nostalgia or something, but as far as I remember, when a game shipped on a disc, that was it. It was guaranteed to be of high quality, well developed and above all else - it was complete. The PS3 / Xbox 360 era took this further by giving c...

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