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Nothing wrong with that, in fact thats exactly what you want..companies like MS willing to pay extra because you created an amazing product...Everyone wins...the game dev gets extra money to push there creativity (so what if it hits one platform first) AND consumers don't get charged out the a$$ for playing a game they already paid for.

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The numbers speak for themselves, this will be great. Personally i want to see the next Halo on this.

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This is great it rly is and you can best believe I'm getting one. But they need games

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Fair review

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I agree with you, its not as bad as the many people were saying

Edit: Or...Or because i read all those negative stuff my expectations were so low it made my experience great...either way ill take it.

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Looks AWESOME cant wait. PS is crushing it this year so far, you gotta love it because it means MS will only be motivated to produce even better stuff

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Good god, just when i thought my hype could not possibly reach a higher level

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I dont agree that they are ugly at all. Should all characters look like super models? i think they look like real, natural people, who are in a fight for survival

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Give credit where its due, Xbox already has backward compatibility to 360 which is huge enough as is imo. If they can do that does anyone really think giving some boost to first generation xbox one games will be an issue?

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Why on earth would you want more than one

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Edit: Id love to see one of this MMA moves in game

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Im frustrated by this news. But in light of recent disappointments with games i say....if they need time TAKE IT AND DO IT RIGHT

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I love it, i think its GREAT that we get an option to upgrade. People need to understand that, this is an option for people who want better looking games. Whether we like it or not the gaming industry is constantly changing and new methods are continually being found to make games better...i welcome the upgrade, ill be all over it. And if its 450 its not bad at all imo.

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Finally, been waiting all my life for this

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I dont believe this will be an issue, maybe i'm overly optimistic but it seems that the development process will be more in parallel to PC gaming development. Developers will make games that automatically adjust curtain display parameters (Resolution, Effects etc) based on the system and maybe even user preference.

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Regardless, of which is most powerful the gamers will win. NEO im sure will be close to scorpio and its apparently coming out sooner...LIke many of you on here have said, 2K @ 60 > 4K @30

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I agree with that, I love it too. What people don't realize is that this competition pushes each company to develop better and better games. Just reading up on the latest news coming out of each camp gets me excited

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The way i see it games TODAY will be able to run at 4k 60fps....but games next year prob wont. I think there is a marketing angle here because games become more and more demanding as developers find ways to increase fidelity. Im excited for scorpio dont get me wrong, but i believe its obvious that MS wants to make the console a PC i care or mind? Hell not, i really dont care because the experience will be awesome. My concern is the price...MS has ALWAYS over done it when they f...

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This is another example of how you know a studio is CONFIDENT is there work

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Neo's specs has not been confirmed, obviously...but considering how accurate the rumers were on scorpio i am wondering what play sony will make...will they make sure neo is not too behind by upping the specs (Assuming the rumers are true)? Or will they stick with what they have. This is an exciting time to be console gamer either way.

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