Saint Sony

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Why don't people read? It's not about the looks, it's the thing somewhere deeper in game.

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It's all about optimizing the code.

Naughty Dog, you guys did NOT MAX OUT PS3. Idiots.

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they don't say it's going to happen either.

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...but in the end it's all about the taste.
Some like Tetris and some like Killzone2 or Halo3.

This article is just opinion of one single gamer that blogs. Do we really care what he thinks is overrated game?... no we don't.

Proper marketing can sell sh!t, but to be honest every single one of those games on that list have above average production quality.

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Just because my launch day precious went all RROD to me after sweet and lovely 4,5 years.. how rude.

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It should be "as big as DOOM was."

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It does.

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Did I just hear a pimple exploding from your direction? hrrr...

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If you don't care money so much and are willing to take a risk, you might be considered as the one with balls.

Luckily there are some companies that can play with their balls. Rest just whimpers in a money train which more than often falls of the track anyhow.

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Perfect for kids. They WILL love this for sure.

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There's only several million of species to model. Be patient.

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To be honest there's already better looking games coming up in both consoles (ps3,360). Killzone 2 is nothing spectacular, visually closer to boring than breathtaking.

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It's not like black skin is cloaking device for hiding infra red cameras. Of course you can try but you fail.

People are sometimes odd.

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BUT, this 3D version... wow, looks really good. Definitely a must have title. If the original mood is there this will be pure win!

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With proper coding results are different. Not saying Infinity Ward does not have good coders, but saying that someone is maxing out 360 does not really tell how? If their code sucks of course they can max it out already with some 4 color version Tetris. Same with PS3.

I'm pretty sure that there's still going to be real surprises coming what devs really can get out of PS3 and 360.

There were many times talks how some devs maxed out PS3 with Killzone 2 for example and...

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...but they surely failed with this years E3. Separate vitality sensor?...right, their design geniuses should have implemented it directly to the remote in the first place. And it's hard to find any use for it really, except killing elderly people with shocking horror visuals when their pulse is high enough to give them heart attack.

Sony E3 starting right now, that should be a bit more entertaining and hell of a lot more interesting.

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1080p streaming is handy to check out movies and if you like them that much you can always buy the blu-ray with all the EXTRAS! That's what I'm gona do anyhow. Blu-ray ain't going nowhere at least until the odd super DVD megatron monster comes.

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Yes PS3 has only good graphics every now and then, lacking good games though.

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