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That Wolverine complaining article was just bait to get some hits and people fell for it hook line and sinker.

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Sony out here pulling a 2013 M$ move again. Can't wait until you have to pay a $10 fee to play used games lol

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That barren and devoid of life world is a bigger problem than the dialogue. Nobody wants to flip and zip around a empty wasteland with nothing to do.

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The move was Sony attempt to cash in on the wii craze. Hell, the last article about the move that actually generated a lot of heat on here was over 4,000 days ago. Nobody talks about this, VR, or the vita until someone shames it.. then all the defenders come out the woodworks.

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Uncharted 4 ps5 remastered... lmao. Can't wait to see people defend this $70 cash grab

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The pc version is 35 gigs and the xbox 1 version is 40 gigs. Don't know why the ps4 is 57gb tho.

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Hold on.. so the ps4 version is $60 and ps5 version is $70... but to own both of them is $80? What kind of ass backwards shenanigans is this??

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Sony must of gave square a fortune for FF7R, Intergrade and FF16.

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LOL Everyone getting bent out of shape for a game that sold only 3,000 box units in the U.K. In every U.K article its always percentage based because actual game sales are ass over there.

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But you can actually save and exit... And the game will pick up right back where you left off. Unlike that other game where you had to put your whole ass console in sleep mode if you wanted to take a break.

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Soo.. 16 more than what you have 🤣

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Consoles in the u.k only sale a few thousand a week... Celebrating 20k a month isn't some grand achievement 🤣

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Returnal had no business being $70. Should have launched at $40 or $50 max. Also, I expected M.M to be higher seeing as its also available on the ps4 and was $50.

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Never had I seen such a pathetic fanbase cheer for paying for a patch. Japanese lip sync as a ps5 exclusive? Really lol

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"Microsoft has been extremely supportive of Déjà Vu since we launched last year. Had about a week of time on the front page of the store in new releases section and it's currently in the Deals with Gold sale. Besides their cut of the sales, everything from dev kits, getting through cert, inclusion in sales, and being on the front page of the store was free".

Sony: Give me 25k and I'll give you 5 mins on our storefront🙃

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Lol charging between 25k to 200k for a shout out on the psn and not letting indies drop the prices of their own games. Even the head mod of N4g is in here shilling for sony 🤣.

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Nintendo literally got 1 or more exclusives releasing every month until next year and you're happy your favorite company didn't show you anything? lmao

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Literally the laughing man meme

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"There’ll be no PlayStation 4 version holding Godfall back, as the game is being “tailored to run only on Sony’s new console”. This means that developer Counterplay Games is promising an experience that will “feel and play” unlike anything available anywhere else, thanks in part to the PlayStation 5’s supercharged hardware and uber-fast SSD hard drive.

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Capcom literally saved the pics with the same file names as the artist they stole it from lmao. So you have the same pics with the same file names... how can you say they didn't steal it lol

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