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Please remove this submission, didn't see Kotaku's report on this matter.

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its even more impossible to please anyone if you choose a developer with one of the worst track records this generation.

also, the switch to UE3 is just confusing, but i guess Capcom is still weird about letting western developers get their hands on MT Framework.

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"#12 System Shock 2 in CryEngine 3"

Source Engine, actually.

Also, I think its humorous that a good bit of the picks* are CE3.

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very disappointed in this decision.

i guess im in that 5%, because i ALWAYS use cockpit cam if its there.

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i doubt there will be any word about new hardware from Sony or MS.

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im fairly certain this is to detour small lawsuits.

if the case is big enough, i dont think these types of things hold up in court very well.

didnt Sony do this same thing after PSN got hacked?

i could be wrong though.

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why do they think people want to get away from controllers?

the only people i hear say they think controller-free is the way to go, is the publishers.(not so much the developers.)

i, for one, do not enjoy people putting words in the mouth of the consumer.

sure, the Kinect sold super fast, but thats only because it had snazzy marketing and overblown hype coming into launch day.

and guess what, you dont hear to much about Kine...

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stuff like this makes me want to slam my head against a wall.

out of all of the things that show graphic action, they choose video games.

there are a lot more f'ed up movies than there are games.

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i do agree with Binary Domain being on this list, but NBA 2K12?

that i dont get.

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hope they fix the 24hz hdmi issue on pc soon.

i want to play on my tv!

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maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, why oh why was this canceled...

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definitely agree. there are so many blaring issues, it makes my head spin.

the controls are so sloppy and have unnecessary weight to them, it feels like a chore just to get around the environments.

the only thing i liked about the demo is how the enemies mutate, but thats it, and thats super disappointing.

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ya, i thought the demo was HORRIBLE.

aside from the obvious stuff like the story covers, the controls are just atrocious and the game just feels...dated.

maybe i went in with high expectations, but how can you not? its RE6.

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it turned into Lost Planet from the looks of it, which is incredibly disappointing.

and the cover system, why oh why!!

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little late to the party haha.

i do highly recommend this to people though, its free.

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wow, troll list is a troll list.

Amalur and Dragon's Dogma are amazing games.

i know its based off opinion, but he chose legit good games.

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i guess he didnt see the God of War Ascension demo.

id say opening up an elephant beast's skull to reveal its brain is a bit more violent than anything shown from Rising.

of course, "sickening" isnt the work i would use, i would use EPIC.

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sweet, glad to see Criterion is making it.

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this was a silly lawsuit.

nothing but money was the intention from the start.

even if the author was trying to gain publicity, it ended up backfiring with the amazon review madness towards his book.

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