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People who say 1080p doesn't make a difference, clearly haven't played assassins creed black flag on ps4. After they patched up to 1080 it was like a night and day difference and the game looks absolutely amazing. Before that moment, I too didn't think 1080p was all that important, how wrong I was.

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Great to hear that both companies are creating more jobs for people. Congratulations MS and Sony!

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Only 512 gb hard drive (ssd or not). Thanks I'll pass.

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The first thing I thought as well haha!

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Already pre-ordered my PS4 before anyone claims I'm here to flame.

I'm not impressed with what I've seen for this next generation, I remember this current console generation announcement and it was a huge step up, I was amazed! This time... I'm just not impressed :/, doesn't feel next gen.

Still excited for the new games though :)

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@kneon cheers for the reply. However there's just one thing, perhaps I'm wrong but I was always under the impression than a union is to protect the employees rights?

For example with teaching (uk) the teachers union offer legal protection against unwarranted dismissal, and other things. They also negotiate pay rises as a whole and other benefits such as pension benefits, and when they feel an employer is being unfair and not being justified in their actions that neg...

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I think Penello came across very honest and straight forward. Found that a quite interesting read.

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@majibeast I cannot understand why you have received disagrees with unionising the workers that create our games.

Crunch time is horrendous excuse for finishing a game, and as one tweeter wrote, I can't think of any other industry in the west that allows a practise such as this! What shocked me even more is that some publishers have this as un chargeable overtime. Vile!

The disagreers are probably children who don't need to work yet and don't re...

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If i recall correctly there were quite a few big wars in the ME back story. Could be based around the krogans. Hopefully its something completely new.

I agree with you though, definitely leave that story arc alone now.

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I see the steam box as being in a similar area as Macs... Bare with me. People buy a mac for multiple reasons, be it design, the OS, but something we all are very much aware of the fact that macs do not make good gaming platforms. I think the steambox would be for individuals who want a complete PC gaming experience at the high end. An alternative to a standard PC. Whole new brand.

Hope I've been able to explain my logic, I'm at work so I've had to type fast. ...

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Sorry my comment was totally unrelated. Please ignore.

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These cat and boxes pictures have got me in tears! Love the wit guys!

On another note, how would he know it wouldn't do that on PS4? Are crytek even currently developing a game on the PS4? Just sounds like theyre papping their pants. Should have made Timeplitters 4 multi plat instead of ryse.

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The design is like a love letter to the most successful and influential console ever released. Mix of past design and contemporary application! I love it!

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I can't wait to try it, I hope it's not locked to the steam box though, I'd love to use it on non-steam purchases that allow game pads!

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I'm getting a PS4, but in Xbones defence it does seem like they weren't ready to release it as soon as they are. Probably are doing to be competitive with the PS4.

Maybe all these problems are due to the Devs not having final hardware as long as the PS4 Devs have, and perhaps that's where the problems are? They haven't been able to streamline the game and optimise it?

Only time will tell, but what everything boils down to is the quality of...

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People are annoyed by the cheek of it. It wont matter how many hours you've put in, your hard work wont be well rewarded as someone can just buy their way to it.

but like i said, for me, its just rude to include MT in any paid release.

I miss the old days of gaming :/

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Exactly same with me.

GTA 5 is currently sold out in every retailer where I live, and ive been so excited to get my hands on it... but this has sort of put a dampener on it for me, but atleast SP is untouched and i'll just love the heck out of that instead!

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I just do not like micro transactions. It feels wrong, and it feels like a cheap addition.

I'll be honest, even if you can play GTA online and never need to spend a real penny to get the best stuff without grinding, it's still sort of killed it for me. I mean, isn't making over 1billion on your game enough? Why add this in too?

Very disappointed :/

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Totally agree, it's saturated with a tonne of crappy F2P games, any of the decent ones usually are ports of older games (there are one or two gems amongst all the trife). If im in the mood for gaming, its console or my laptop.

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Haha! I wouldn't wish them on any man. Theyre tyrants hahaha

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