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The hands-on was pretty positive. The demo confirmed to me that this game will be good. Can't wait to fight Lan Di after all these years!

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You should experience the games before making a dumb comment considering the forklift section is 5% of the entire series.

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Outrage culture.
Why would they need to provide a refund to PS4 players? Don't switch to PS4 if you truly wanted a refund. Tired of these crybabies. A game that we've waited for 20 years is almost out and ppl want to cry about the smallest of things. .

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Gamestop has a medallion.
Best Buy has a steelbook.
Amazon has a Kopgi Outfit.
And all 3 outlets include.....

Snake Power: Three bottles of ‘Snake Power’ elixir to replenish energy during battle.
Playing Tokens: 5,000 playing tokens for the in-game gambling area.
“Blazing Kick” Advanced Training Scroll: Unlocks the advanced ability of the “Blazing Kick” to better challenge Ryo’s foes.
Toy Capsule: Set of 24 tickets to e...

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"MS win this gen YET AGAIN"?

They are in 3rd place this gen based off total sales. And obviously didn't win last gen so where do you get "yet again" from?

And MS has no chance winning next gen. They still lost this gen when they were cheaper and launched a yr ahead. Now they don't have that luxury. PS4 is obviously getting back a lot of marketshare from the U.S and UK with the cheaper price tag and good policies. MS has nowhere els...

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Shenmue 3's biggest selling potential is on playstation. No need to explain why it's common sense.

@Marlec Most Shenmue fans played it on the dreamcast.

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What's up with these unrealistic expectations

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Bioshock, Soul Sacrifice, and Last of Us

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My comment was directly related to the reviewers who claim "franchise fatigue" for God of War but some will turn a blind eye towards the next Gears. 2 God of War games on PS3 and 4 Gears on the 360. Granted, on PS4 if Sony is going to make a new God of War they need to make some changes because the formula hasn't changed much but I want to see who's consistent and who's not.

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I still have my dreamcast plus Shenmue 1 and the imported DC version of Shenmue 2. My favorite series ever it's unfortunate that Sega owns the rights. The worst possible publisher

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Lets see how consistent these guys are when they review Gears of War: Judgement. Not to mention, Gears 3 came out a yr and half ago.

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Can't wait to pick this up on Tuesday

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Last of Us
MLB the Show 13
Sly 4
God of War: Ascension


Gears of War: Judgement (Which is published by Epic, a 3rd party)

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Sessler deducts points because of the name of a trophy. You can't be serious? He wants to point out franchise fatigue? Okay lets see how consistent you are when you review the new gears next week.

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PS4. Easy choice

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I'm just glad SCEA is going back to monthly reveals for PS Plus

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As PS3 is either tied of slightly ahead with 360 this gen I expect PS4 to be ahead this entire next-gen because there will be no head starts for MS and as long as Sony at least matches the 720 price I fully expect PS4 to lead with no problem. Sony owns everywhere except U.S and UK and in those spots the race will be much closer this time. Sony appears to be nailing the social features which will help in the U.S plus price

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Cross-chat/party chat is already on the Vita. It's pretty much expected that it will be on the PS4. Yes, the PS4 will be great.

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8GB GDDR5 RAM......INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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