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Interesting news. Makes me wonder if Konami is gonna stand out this year. The titles on this list aren't that impressive. Obviously DDR will sell, but I'm not holding my breath for Girls Secret Diary.


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I think this guy is really cool to do something like that. Exactly the opposite of what everyone else tried to; making money by ripping off real gamers.

The unfortunate truth to the story is that if there was no "Buy it Now" option, the auction never would have made it past $10.

I have a friend sitting on 2 launch PS3's! He has not opened them and cannot get more than MSRP top bids on them. That's what you get for ripping off mothers of little kids. ...

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I just installed it, can't wait to test it out! Thanks for already including some cool podcasts with it! (I had noticed for the past several months our webstats getting hits from "XBStream" and was thinking what the hell is that! lol).

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Glad to hear it! I think it's great to see a site focus some efforts into something that is not impossible to control.

Setting up a system so that the community can police itself is a fantastic idea. Nice work. Shout out to the programmers and especially to the person at N4G who came up with this idea.


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He originally purchased it from Costco.

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If this "special announcement" is not PS3 related, I'll go All In, in a Texas Hold'em game for $50,000 on a pair of 2's.

Gamer Tag is: LIVE on LIVE

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