Playing Demon Souls again


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Too early, 2020 would be good

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No, just concentrate in bringing excellent story telling, game play and experiences; looking forward to titles like Ni No Kuni 2, Horizon, Ni Oh, and more.

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This will give me an excuse to buy Bioshock Collection and XCOM on PS4. It is good if they take their time to fix bugs.

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remind me of Order 1886, and that game is better for me.

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I'm already bored.

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Kojima is an artist and hayter is a moron. The plot of mgs v is self explanatory, is a different snake with different characteristic and personality.

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I never said destiny fail, but it will fail if it's like destiny, you can only fool people once or twice.

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It will fail if it like destiny, I hope they learn lesson from other games. I have faith it would fantastic.

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Resonance of fate platinum trophy. Try that on.

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Yes they jingle

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Yeah, you are right, forgot about Indy.

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Tomb Raider the original Trilogy might inspired Uncharted Drake Fortune, but today, Uncharted series inspired the Tomb Raider Reboot.

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I think they intentionally make it slower because Death has different combat style than war. I am looking forward to play Conquest or Famine; from remember; i think this one of them is female.

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Lol, it was different sentiment when MS winning with the 360. I saw many potshot aim at PS3 even from MS executives themselves.

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There are lot's of games that come out in 2016 for PS4, will wait for it to release if it still interest me. Uncharted 4, Horizon Zero Dawn and Dark Soul 3 (DS3 will take 6 months of my time by itself)

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A horror game, suspense and mystery

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If he really said that, this guy start to annoy me. Move on.

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Lol, i do have to agree with you on this :)

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I wholeheartedly agree

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You do realise they have 1.2 billion people :) can you imagine without if they all riot?

Leave the politics to someone who knows.

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