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Maybe they all need to be remade, but since MGS 3 was the most polished and allready modernized game in the series (Subsistence), i think it would be the one more prone to be remade as close to the original outof these games.
Plus I found it the best of all the MGS games. But that's just my personal preference.

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The one game that needs to be remade in my opinion.

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men are not women

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Tried to go back to some Motorstorm 1 a while ago. Was not able to enjoy it. The amount of input lag was just too annoying. Loved it when it launched though. I believe the concept would work great with updated tech.

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@AnthonyDavis: That may be true, but choice is not.

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I will buy it when it's available on steam.

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The last update would render useless immediately if hackers populated the servers again.

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Console manufacturers should have made it mandatory for devs to make games perform with 60fps. The bad performance is, what drives people to jump to PC. I did it 5 years ago and my PS4 is just for BD/Netflix in the bedroom. Consoles are not for games! ;)

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This is a joke! Do we listen to a dev, who has not yet released a game on console and has a record of two mediocre zombie shooters on pc and mobiles???

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Visuals are not going to kill GT. Physics will. The PS4 will not be able to compute physics up to date with recent PC sims. Sims are PC territory.

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Next gen begins everytime you buy a new gpu.

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Sorry, I hit the disagree button accidently, I wanted to agree.

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They should be free and go multiplatform. The more good games everybody gets to play the better for us all.

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I loved the original Motorstorm. I'd love to see them making something similar for all platforms!

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Is the difference really that important? It even looks flat and pale on PC.

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Of course, but I think, what was shown, looks ok for a console version.

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I have done this for 3 years now. It saved me so much money and many, many disappointments.

I will never preorder again. Let them give us demos again like the old days.

We HAVE to force them to give us complete and working games again instead of day 1 dlc and weeks of patching before games actually work.

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Why should europeans pay 25% more? This is insane!

I wasn't buing it anyway since it was bought by FB!

I'm glad I didn't buy the DK before FB bought it.

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I know, single console players tend to hope for Kojima to develop for their console of choice, but I don't hope for exclusives anymore. I hope for multiplats (including PC) that work great on either platform.
It's better for us all, when we can enjoy all the games on our favorite machine.

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The answer can be one only: don't buy the games. As long as we buy the games, or even worse, we preorder the games, publishers will go on like this allways checking out how far they can go with their profit maximizing techniques.

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