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Returnal, Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart, Sackboy’s Big Adventure, Demon’s Souls, Astro’s Playroom, BugSnax, and Destruction All-Stars in 9 months. I’d say Sony is doing great.

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Call of Duty Ghosts has 30k likes on the PSN while The LAst of Us already has 32k. That's a good sign

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He's right?!?!? He only did this to stay relevant because he knows that it won't be so for much longer. Demon Souls was an engaging game but I know when to spot the idiot that starts to compliment the enemy because he knows he'll get his ass whooped.

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There goes that word again "sheep". It's pretty funny how people aren't entitled to enjoy what they like anymore. It's all based on what is popular and what's not...

Ok then, let's call a sheep a sheep and turn the tables. The reality is that you're the "sheep" for following the crowd and repeating what has been said thousands of times already...

I happen to like Black Ops, even being a PS3 player dealing with a few...

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That sucks. I just paid for the game yesterday on AppUp lol...

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Thumbs and bubbles for using logic. I couldn't agree with you any more on what you said. I don't understand why $15.00 is a big deal if it literally adds hundreds of hours of gameplay and keeps the game from getting stale. If you only play the game for an extra 100 hours after buying the map pack and you do the math, it's like you're only paying 2.5 cents for each map.

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Your factual evidence is comparing a .99 cent game to a $60 one? Does the fact that Angry Birds selling well have anything to do with AAA games not doing the same? Angry Birds is an impulse buy. It's like going to the store and grabbing a pack of gum while checking out. It's only a dollar so you don't think about it at all! I still have yet to play Uncharted 2 (which, by the way is Sony's "killer app",) but I, like many others, have bills to pay a...

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Having Jaffe defend his loyalty to Sony is like Cliffy defending his loyalty to Microsoft. Oh, except we don't want the trash Cliffy B is developing.

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You think theatre mode was invented by HALO! How long have you been gaming? Are you 12 or something! Plenty of games that had youtube upload support before HALO and COD...

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"More like sell a Nav = Move sale! Not to mention you need 2 Moves to equal the same experience with 1 Kinect."

Yet 2 move controllers and a camera are still less expensive than 1 Kinect. LOL you're XBOT logic astounds me. PEW, PEW, PEW!

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Really? This article isn't worth the time it takes to read it. Yeah, there is a fraction of college kids who buy games like Call of Duty on a yearly basis because that's what's popular and they know they can play with friends who also have it, you can call me one of those guys. On the other hand, I like obscure games like Shen-Mue, Fatal Frame, and Pheonix Wright! People like what they like and with the exception of a few people, a game's popularity won't change that. If a...

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Did I say anything about Kinect failing? Not at all. What I AM saying is that if Microsoft hadn't spent half of a billion dollars on on it's hype machine, they could have released the device for under $100 and been much more successful. Instead, people are paying $50 extra per product to cover the cost of Cirque du Soleil shows, free consoles for Oprah audience members and celebrity spokes people.

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That's all Sony reports is units sold. Do your research. Microsoft is usually the company that reports shipping numbers.

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And that $500 million marketing budget sold Kinects at about the same pace as the Playstation Move! The hype was amazing, wasn't it!

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Trayarch didn't take the low road and make 20 pot symbols. It gets really irritating not being able to know who killed you because everyone is named puffpuff420 and has a pot symbol for their call sign.

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"Why should one pay $55 if that person can download it or buy a pirated version for $2?"

Because the budget for games nowadays is in the tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars. How is a developer going to recoup that cost charging only $20? Movie studios have a much easier route by releasing in theaters, recouping there and charge $20 for the DVDs for profit. Unfortunately, games don't have that luxury. Piracy will only drive the prices up for the people wh...

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Obvious fanboy is obvious...

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Someone trying to get their bubbles back I see! Funny how you were sh!tting all over the Playstation only a few days ago!

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Enjoy your "blockbusters"... I'm going back to watch some Dexter...

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