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Looking forward to owning one and see how it is & if exceeds expectation I my buy a second for the BR. till release date I must wait .

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* If Sony couldn't do that with the ps2 how in the hell do they think they will reach a billion*

Could be that with each passing year new things will be added so on besides the PS2 did not but play games Xbox one will offer more. JMT

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I know what I am wishing for.

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Will get Xbox one,may also get a ps4 just not at the same time. THE Wii U just not my cup of tea.

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Will most definitely enjoy these features. Can't wait.

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Sony know what I smell it desperation , fear & sad tactic cause as I recall your competition did nothing of the sort so this act makes you out to be as immature as you fans . how sad & shameful. you FK foreign joke of a company.

@ DoomeDX where those links of them say shit before the ps4 reveal , cause I don't remember one till after the event.

@animal,ew, sad cause I find the slant tactic childish & ask for a link to prove or for actua...

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Bring them all back & I will buy them all on day of release.

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I would rather they team up with apple anyway why would MS want to help the son of bitches that tried fleecing them for ? Billions of dollars . Would be fun to watch Cook, Ballmer bitch slap Eric what the hell is his name back into a nobody &while watching google collapse. Now that would be cool.

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A share button would be cool ,but a live stream button so as you are playing it is streaming straight to twitch or SkyDrive so you can share into the ecosystem & outside of it while also eliminating the whole theatre search & edit mode. now that would be cool.( how does a cool feature or crazy ideas as this receive a disagree, if your going to shoot an idea down explain why, unless am to assume that this site is visited by ___________. chose the word that best describes you're se...

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4 of 5 is not bad , the service will be dramatically improved so it remains a profitable asset , maybe a 3 tier service where silver get online play & a few apps, but Gold remains the same but Rhodium(?) is a new tier added that bring tons of new things. JMT

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Read a leak story somewhere that women of a certain family are harlot & lazy seeing how it has not been denied nor confirmed it must be true cause rumors & speculation are always true. Thank the god for baseless leaks & fundamental ignorant journalism. screw going to NYU for journalism studies. Come people run with cause it's true.

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Bring it on ,cause am ready to Ghost some Mofos .

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Don't have a care of what's coming , just give me a price & release date already.

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Tuesday can't get here fast enough, am so excited I can wait.

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Don't care what it will be just show it, price it & give me a release date.

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So the tv market will be owned by idiot videos & a streaming service that only streams movies from 10-15 years ago. Would rather watch paint dry.

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Finally someone who is speaking some sense but sad his words will fall on deaf ears or will be bombarded with comment full of denial.none the less I liked the article.

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Think 4 Equals more milking than 3, don't you think but if you want we can add handhelds too.

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My console preference aside it better that Kill zone pick a different date, Anyone remember what happen to Alan Wake it had it release date all set . Then RDR(R*)picks that exact date & it sales never happened due to RDR , yes I know it was an exclusive to Xbox but even Xbox fan picked up RDR instead of AW. In short good move GG.

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