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Yeah, I experienced the same thing. Level got reset and for a second, I thought I had lost all my unlocks. But after dying one time, I noticed the weapons and extras were back. Pretty weird. I'm sure we're not the only ones who had this happened to.

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I just played it on an Acekard 2i...

Let me just say, the re-imagining of the original story it's based on ( is very good...

And very creepy. Especially the ending.

You won't see it coming!

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I would buy it since it's $25, but I already own it for Xbox 360 PLUS I have
Operation Anchorage, The Pitt and Broken Steel already. I want Point Lookout and Mothership Zeta, but I should just buy them off the Marketplace for $20.

If this were $15, I'd jump on it!

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It's a good deal for casual players looking to play Kinect but not really into installing games or downloading movies.

4GB is more than enough for save games.

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5th gen.

N64. PS1. maybe even Dreamcast?

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I can respect your opinions. I actually liked the first Mass Effect more than it's sequel. I admit the RPG elements were watered down, and I disliked the shooting/cover mechanics completely.

I guess I'm a sucker for a good Science Fiction game with a great story.


Maybe you shouldn't write "Certified Sony fanboy" in your "about" box... I actually thought your comment was well thought-out...

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I know how you could do that. Thank you for not doing it. I retract what I posted, I guess I was just a little pissed at how poorly the "Admins" or "mods" actually moderate this site. I shouldn't have taken it out on you.

I apologize. Have a bubble =)

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While I agree that almost 100% of the time GOTY winners are from the second-half of the year, I have to disagree with what you said about Mass Effect 2.

While I admit the first one was more of an RPG by traditional standards, I think what makes an RPG great is the "Role-Playing" aspect. I mean, the game had a great storyline, good characters and did a good job of immersing a player in it's world. I think that's what makes RPGs great, the sense of immersion y...

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Uncharted 2 does not put Super Mario Galaxy 2 to shame. SMG2 stands on its own without the need of powerful technology or even a decent HDTV.

All the games you mentioned are amazing, and deserve to be in the same league as Uncharted 2. I think maybe your problem is that you like a certain console a bit more than it's competitors...


What is wrong with N4G these days? Is it me or is it horribly buggy lately? Sometimes I can't even...

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I want.

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I think Half Life 2 Episode 2's ending should at least be mentioned...

I agree that MGS4's ending was the best, but I really liked Episode 2's ending...

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That may be so, but surely you cannot deny that they have left their mark. They're good, I just hope Activision doesn't ruin them...

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We'll miss you, Eidos.

I for one will play Deus Ex tonight in your honor!!

The first one...

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Hopefully it'll be based on micro-transactions. That way, everybody gets to enjoy the game, and those looking for something extra can pay to get the best gear.


Went to check it out, and found this in the official site's FAQ:

"How much will it cost to play?

The game will be free to play, with extra areas and opportunities available to subscribers."

So, just like RuneScape then? You'...

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I remember that one! I rented it for the PS2. It was great.

From what I can remember of it, it indeed was pretty realistic, in the sense that cover was very important, as was tactical maneuvering and quick decisions.

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Relax. We get it. You like DiRT.

"Don't comment unless you have a productive one"

"Amazing Series."


I tried the demo for DiRT 2 and it was pretty cool. Never got around to buying it, though.

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The version that comes with the beta for Battlefield 3 and Medal of Honor: Frontline (remastered in HD, PS3 version only) is the Limited Edition version. It is priced at the standard $60.

This is what EA did with Battlefield: Bad Company 2. The Limited Edition was also $60 and included the VIP code for the extra map packs (modes). The VIP code is priced at $15.

I think EA is really showing that it is one of the best publishing companies for video games right ...

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Dragon Age: Origins on the PS3...

I was at the part where you had a meeting to discuss the final battle... Over 60 hours in... And my PS3's Blu-Ray Player broke down on me one night. Sent it for repairs, and had it formatted.

I hate those write-protected save files...

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I don't think they care...

I use to love Rare's games on the Nintendo 64... What happened, guys?

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