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Unless it's sold up recently, as far as I'm aware Future Publishing owns a minority shareholding in N4G.

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Would this be the same case with the same Randy Nunez from 2007?

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Would this be Ars Technica's mole? The story reads as if it's CVG's mole. Some clarification please?

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Strange this... the BBC reports:

"(Kretschmer's coach of some years) Mr Weiss says playing table tennis was Kretschmer's only hobby and that he took it very seriously."

Full story:

The again, the Times reports: "Aki, a 17-year-old friend, said he had been studying this year with Kretschmer at a private business school, and ...

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The "Sony unveils PS3 marketing push" story from which this thread sprang - and from where comments are being spawned is from 2007 for gods' sakes.

"Neil Long Jan 29 2007, 12:30pm" - just under the headline.

The actual, up to date story came from the PRINT edition of MCV and is not online to be linked to in the first place.

The Spong story relates to the PRINT edition of MCV.


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Where exactly from within SCE was this leaked? I mean, I thought a leak had to come from a non-official source inside the entity actually responsible for the subject of the story.

Calling this a leak is akin to me saying, "NASA is building a large Nobulon Space Entangler, it will be based on the Cell and on Fission Chips", and claiming that was a 'leak'.

Bah and humbug.

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I've read the source story and stap me vitals but I can't actually find any citation or source to SCE actually announcing that SCEE is safe.

Nearest I could see was from MCV:

But even that's SCEE talking about SCEE.

I'm mostly confused going forward out of the box on this one 24/7.

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As reported here: in December.

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Yes, actually reading the story would be a an exciting new adventure... but to save the effort, the source is Rob Yescombe the screenwriter for Free Radical.

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Finding the article is one thing... the fact that it got approved, that's also hilarious. The fact that loads of people didn't bother reading it but posted anyway, that's just sad.

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@1 If you read teh full story, Hopper is also mentioned dude.

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Top of the original story in the CSM.

"from the June 05, 2006 edition"...

and The Guardian piece: " Posted on Monday June 5 2006 11.55 BST "

Does anybody read the actual stories?

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but isnt "difficult to get into" and "diffcult to master" two differnt things though. If theres no progressing in the series (I dont know what per se mean) then why do they make new ones :-)

As i say, I am new all round. how should a game be examined though. thanks.

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to N4G so sorry if this I miss something but I've just gone and read the review but I can't find out where he say it is "too difficult for him to master", I am reading the right one?

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