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Is absolutly terrible its weak. FOr ZT to give it a 9.2 is Fooking ridiculous. The game is boring and the flashbacks put me in mind of Lego Star Wars where you have to keep going back and going through a different door. That game blows. Same lameass AI

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they suck anyway

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ODST sucks, I think it's better than halo 3 but thats not saying much.
But its geared toward the younger gamer imo. It was a boring game.

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is this game is terrible

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they need to get this one working first

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The PS3 version looks way better than the 360 version.

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would by another 360 if mine broke, I've played every good exclusive it has and none of them look as good as MGS4 or Uncharted and especially KZ2. The 360 is just not as reliable and doesn't offer what the PS3 has to offer out of the box. I'd buy it for my son because the 360 is something you'd buy a teenager. The PS3 is meant for adults that can collect porn, get online and listen to free radio and movies, and give you a true HD format. The price of the 360 reflects the system cheap and easy...

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but I'd rather play it on my ps3. This game will be held back by the 360

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There is nothing wrong with this game I play it every night. There is some slight lag but it doesn't happen nowhere near the way it used to. It's still Socom and plays great like Socom.

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anything halo is just for 14 yr old virgins.

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This game is just wash, rinse, and repeat.It's not a tactical shooter it's and arcade shooter, so it will get old quick. I'll stick to Socom.

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Its getting good reviews because it's Halo. It could be Halo Pod Racer and it would get a 9, or Watch Master Chief take a sh1t. Their are at least 3 RTS games out their that are better and will not or did not get the the same reviews as simple RTS.

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It's an 8mil unit lead maybe. I wouldn't be happy with and 8mil console lead if I were M$ knowing that KZ2 and Uncharted2 and GOW3 are right around the corner and PS3 price cut looming. I like my 360, but to be real and not a fanboy the PS3 is a better system. The PS3 lacks a few bells and whistles with their online service which will grow in time, compare PSN now to when it launched. The PS3 is worth every penny I put into it the BD, browser, wifi, if you ever miss a show and don't have ti...

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bores me I don't even play it

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The servers are full every night. It's really safe to say that all the posers traded it in. Most peopl pick up Socom and expect it to be easy to pick up and run around killing like COD4. This a very tactful and realistic shooter that you have to use teamwork in YOU HAVE TO.

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This a great Socom. It's the only game I play now. It is a very very realistic game.

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Who cares now it's to little to late. I'd rather play COD4 or 5. I love Gears, but the thing I hate is that it takes forever to kill someone unless you get a headshot with sniper or hammer of dawn. after playing horde for so long they can have their broken ass patch.

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Everyone is restructuring not just Sony, is fanboyism this blind? Plus when you restructure you're slimming down costs, after you slim down cost's you can give your product a significant price cut and still make money off of it remember PS2. M$ could sale a $199 console because it lacked accy's. Expect a significant pS3 price cut.

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This game only spent 5 minutes in my 360. It's the most overrated shooter this gen. It plays like ass.

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nice Time lord. I feel like I,m playing MGS4 all over again

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