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Remove head from bottom.

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Stop being stupid.

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It's time to stop using your systems on a carpet.

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Yea dude, that shit you listed sucked balls. Like tripping in Brawl.

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You are just crazy. The only competition between next next hardware and Apple hardware lies in the fact that both compete for your time spent having entertainment. With your shitty logic I can say that Football and Sony are competitors.

You are both out of your element and under the age of 20 or something, calling everyone kids. Grow a brain asshat.

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Because one of the only two profitable divisions at Sony are the reason it is junk. The other is cell phones.

Go read the news and stop feeding us garbage.

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No point dude. Comeon...

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I think almost everyone here is just clueless about all things related to the real world (ie: business)

Seriously, 1M for a ceo salary? Anyone ever look up other CEO salaries? Ohhhhh they make me sooooo mad! /s

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We're on a gaming site. MS and Sony are the two bigdogs in the gaming hardware industry.

Noone is talking about Apple but you.

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Then you already lost. He got his views. Maybe you just stop watching and commenting.

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You're delusional if you think they sold their NY location for PS4 money.

Im sure you know everything about their cash position.

But that is really how you perceive things. So sad.

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Right, they spent an entire gen showing nothing but gears/halo

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Fool. The announcement said 2013 and showed off the controller, specs, and ease of use for devs. Troll elsewhere.

And yea, first to market always being the winner? How about a pattern consisting of more than one point please: Dreamcast/Saturn

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Red Dead Rebellion: We get to play in the midst of the Civil fucking War.

Seriously how awesome would that be.

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Except a vast number of females prefer casual dancing Kinect to "real" games. That is what he meant by the new core.

Every girl wants to dance with Kinect.

Gamer girls are marginal at best.

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MS will take the wii casuals, though not in such numbers. Just remember that a big portion of wii gamers have grown up and want something new.

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Jealous of a fool?

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Cant tell if this is sarcasm MrBeatdown. If so, very true.

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Damn right. Wont stop me from buying a WiiU for the new Xenoblade but the writing is on the wall: The U aint no Wii in popularity.

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Convenience. There. A reason it costs more.

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