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Ellis talked about sneaking out of the orphanage with her best friend and they went to the mall where they were attacked and it is where Ellie got infected & she ends up watching her friend turn.

So prior to meeting Joel & learning to shoot Eliie had her switchblade from the get go and I always wondered if she got it at the mall while she was being attacked ( smashing a glass display case or something ) and that is how she escap...

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ya by the devs who made Bullet Storm, People Can Fly I think their name is.

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I would like to see the Xbox brand sold to Samsung, but if it's a company like Apple or Google it will be just more of the same with over priced proprietary accessories and secondary fees for everything like with MS & Netflix.

Probably will never happen but it would be nice imho to get MS out of the gaming industry.

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easy fix

1 - don't butcher popular franchises into something else and lose the fans you had and gain nothing from said butchering

2 - don't take a big check to make games exclusive as this results in alienating half of the people who buy your games or maybe more than half when this new gen starts.

3 - actually update your sports games other than just the graphics & names on the jersey.

4 - maybe cut back on the mi...

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that's not 1st party though that would be a 3rd party exclusive. I'm talking about MS in house studios. Good try though and it was their lone exclusive this year for the 360.

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please revisit this article in 2-4 years after launch and lets compare then. When was the last time MS released a core 1st party exclusive for the 360? I expect the same for the XB1 just based on MS support after the initial years of their 1st 2 consoles release.

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because I believe the movies are region locked while games are not. The verification will tell them your region so only movies from that region work on your PS4.

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I don't believe a word of anything the MS or the government say. They are both well know for spreading nothing but lies & spins to create a sense of false security.

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just as long as it isn't more scumbags moves like the Music Unlimited and no support for MP3's or PS4 not being able to acting as a media server. If there is one way to loose my business it by doing things like the MU BS they're pulling.

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I wasn't planning on buying it on any platform due to the lack of a SP campaign.

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they need a hot chick to sell this game because the game surely can't sell itself based on what I've seen.

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What Sony is trying to do and force people to sign up for Music Unlimited is a complete scumbag move on their part. I've always said that I will bash Sony when they do something like this so here I am.

I don't care if all's it takes is a FW update it should be part of the launch features to support MP's & having the PS4 be a media hub to stream from peoples PC. But trying to force their customers into a $50-60 dollar a year sub fee is like I said a complet...

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I agree that early in a consoles cycle B/C is a great feature because it allows you play any backlog of games you may have ( currently have 35 unopened PS3 games ) without having a cluster eff of consoles in your setup but when it comes time for the revision of the system and the new system itself has a good library of games then it's not really needed imo.

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not true att least for me. I was very critical of the PS3 early in it's life cycle and it wasn't until after it released when I bought my 360 due to lack of games being released and lack of JRPG's especially.

I stuck with the PS2 due to the RROD and waited for the PS3 but like I said earlier the lack of games & JRPG's made me buy the 360 once PS3 got it's grove going I did switch back and made that my main console again but also continued to game on t...

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did anyone else ever use the Real Triggers for their DS3's? They totally eliminate the problem of the L2 & R2 buttons or at least for me they did.

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now this is where the cloud comes into play imho, if you can store everything in the cloud no need to upgrade the HDD. The question I would have is will there be yet another additional fee to do that on top of your XBL account? With MS it probably will.

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I give that to MS anyways after all the BS, flip flops & spins they have pulled the last few months. They lost me as a XB customer for good.

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Where MS lost me was with the 24 hour check-ins and if you didn't they killed your single player campaign and basically turned your gaming console into a BR player / Set-top box add-on. Couple that with trying to charge me a secondary fee to access things I already pay for like Netflix or free things like youtube.

Steam does not kill your SP campaign if you don't check in with them every 24 hours. If they do take that approach with the Steambox I won't buy it or s...

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lucky SOB's, wish I had mine already

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couldn't agree more and people who come to mind are Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson. They're the biggest racist ever imho.

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