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This video does neither game justice IMO.

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lol lol lol lol at you!

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Peter Moore said "This will take a few days to roll out globally, and I appreciate your continued patience as we launch this program."

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Your brother should try running his console with the vents blocked. Leave it running for long enough and it WILL fail with the RROD.

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I think the problem will be fixed, if it hasn't aready. The 3 year warranty just helps lift consumer confidence out of the gutter in time for the big summer releases.

About time they admitted the problem though. I've owned my 360 for over a year now without any problems, but even I was starting to lose confidence in the system, and Microsoft's commitment to their customers.

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Here in the UK we now have several companies offering a 360 repair service. They're all cheaper than Microsofts service and most offer 6 months warranty on all work carried out. And they don't give a toss if you've tampered with it.

I'm assuming similar companies exist in most countries right?

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I doubt you've ever played forza and i'm certain your not old enough to have even driven a real car. You ain't qualified to comment on what makes a good driving simulation.

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I reported this to MS a few months ago but they just shrugged it off as a non-issue.

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What were you saying about there being no 360 patch? It was released yesterday and it includes all the enhancements from the PS3 version. Check out Bethesda's forums.

As for "graphic patch for consoles don't exist because it's impossible to implement". Well that's just classic, please excuse me while i pee my pants.

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You misunderstood the article. It clearly states that 360 games can render at 1080p. Hell, they even cited Virtual Tennis 3 as an example!
The upscaling of native 720p games is completely unrelated to the 1080p issue. That's just an extra feature that MS chose to give their customers and Sony did not.

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you've got Juevani. Here's an example of his ignorance, taken from an hilarious ps3forums thread about 360 emulation on the PS3:

Originally Posted by NationStater:
"Nope, the PS3 isnt nearly powerful enough to emulate a 360, neither is any high end PC."

Juevani responds:
"alert alert, a 360 **** sucker.. wtf PS3 is'nt powerfull as a 360, i mean comn **** head think again.. maybe they cant emulate 360 games, but the ps3 is more power ful...

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I don't deny that MGS4 has the potential to be a great game, only that it requires so much space. I'm still waiting for you to tell me how Kojima plans on using all that space. DJ made the point of patronising me about scripting, animation and audio. Well, I think everyone here knows how much MP3 audio can fit onto a standard DVD5. Even with multi-channel audio sampled at a high bitrate your looking at tens of hours. And regardless of what DJ says, I know from personal experience that animati...

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Sure, I don't deny that the extra space is useful and will be used with some games, Just not MGS4. Kojima has already said that he isn't using prerendered video. So, if you have all the answers, tell me what is he using the space for?

Maybe i will be proved wrong, only time will tell. But i think it's you that looks like the idiot for insulting people that happen not to agree with everything you say. Tell me, what makes you the expert?

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If it's true that all the cutscenes are rendered in realtime, there can be no excuse for needing a 50gig disk. The way i see it, there can be only two options - Either Kojima is using pre-rendered cutscenes or he is not using any compression for the games resources. Heres an example of just how wasteful is it not to use compression: I've just been looking at a 1200x833 24-bit uncompressed bitmap image that i have stored on my PC and it was 1.9MB. I then converted the bitmap to JPEG format, le...

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but considering all the BS rumors that have been doing the rounds this week, i'd be highly surprised if this turns out to be true.

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How many people will just read the title of this article and go away believing it to be true, not realising that it is actually debunking the rumor! There's been so much BS doing the rounds this week, i'm now starting to doubt the credibility of anything i read on sites like this.

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I just wish they'd do the honorable thing and sell off the C&C franchise to a studio that can do it justice. If C&C3 turns out like BFME2 on 360 i'll never buy another EA game again.

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