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All Canadians lived in igloos and caught and ate fish from holes made in the ice?

Are you telling me they have PS3's and xbox's over there too?

I wonder if they would like to join the war on old Bin Lid and his crew, everyone else seems too......?

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Is it me or is this game a bag of shish kebabs without d-pad steering as a choice instead of having the joystick and no other its driving me crazy.....aaaarrrrrrrrrrhhhhhh hh oops hit the lamp post again ?

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Lets face it, I am in the U.K. and by March 2007 launch here there will still be people in the U.S. that have not got there hands on a PS3 yet, so we are all in the same boat, and most will be without this console until around April/May 2007 at best. Only the select few who have preordered or who are just plain lucky enough to there at the right time will see this machine working in their living rooms.

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Great game off line but not so good on line, too much going off and gives you brain ache. Off line gives about 10hrs of play and is pretty much easy to complete with only a couple of problems trying to find a way out of the levels. Lets hope the next one exceeds this or its just a waste of time.

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This game is awesome but steering the car using the stick is crap....where is the d pad option that is given with every other racing sim.

I just can't understand it, why not give us the option for both, its not that difficult to sort out is it ?

Other than that its a great game.

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This game is awesome, its the only one you can keep playin and still enjoy, so its great news about the maps.

Wareagle my top 3 are 1. toujane, tunisia 2.Brecourt france 3.Wallander germany.

C of D 3 out in Nov 06, so get your trench guns ready again boys and girls !!!

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