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and I wish the consoles could get something at least like Goldeneye Source, with single player and all.

even though Goldeneye Source on comp is only multiplayer

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I came out of retirement and I want to make my name noticeable again. It's a sad story, my kind is nearly extinct. Remember Peter North? he was hilarious, I wish he came back, along with some other guys a while back that I cant remember. I see that Sir Ken is still here. there's a lack of guys to make this site enjoyable when you look down in the comments, because people have gotten rid of the greats. there's always a line that you don't want to cross when it comes to making c...

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after reading all that it doesn't even look like Goldeneye, all they did was turn it into something that looks like every other fps that comes out this gen. WTF, regenerating health. GTFO

also no split screen death music, wtf.

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that would be great :P

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the series is sort of good, although AC2 was a big jump from AC1

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found em, there in the back of the truck though

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my buddy brick wants one of these

it only confirmed his IQ of 48

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what a joke, flopbots will eat this turd up though like Aaron Greenberg's excrements

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GT5 will be amazing! heck, GT4 in 1080i looks better than failza 3

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not true, they're not popular on xbox

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its always better to play a 360 outside and not in the house :P

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you would think that a site called would preview something "worth playing"

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damn Pupa!!! took me like 6 tries, but I did it on my own

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wait till people are done trading in there old 360s, it will settle down :P

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it will perform like my toilet after taco bell

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how to properly create a phone in which it does not matter how you hold a phone (steve jobs version)

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on another note:
or if your xbox you can't do 3d at all

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one of the best shooters in playstation history (salutes)

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hello gang, it certainly has been a while, you may or may not remember me but I was that one guy that shat all over M$.

staying on topic: if you don't want people to trade in your games you make good games, then that way people don't trade them in, easy

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