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LOL. No they don't, actually they are PS fans, they hated the OG xbox one. But a fact is a fact and that is that the XSX is more powerful than the PS5, not by much but still is. I like both consoles.

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Colt is just a sony fan and for this kind of "people" nothing that MS does is good enough, but if in the title it would say Grand Turismo he would be praising the article. Like most of the little horses in this page.

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I love how it s being used in Far Cry 6.

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I had a PS2, and I went to friends house that just got an xbox and then it happened, I saw HALO for the first time. Next day I went to EB Games and I trade in my PS2 and got and Xbox with HALO and Blood Omen.

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I was on the Sega side. I liked nintendo but Sega was better for me.

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You are crazy. Obsidian is a way better studio Outer worlds craps all over Spider Man any day. Idk how so many people like that POS game.

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I have not played the game yet so I cant say I agree or disagree, for me it does not looks like a $70 game. I will pick it up when it get to like $30.

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The PS5 Sucks A$$ Compared to the Xbox SX. My PS5 its eating dust cause every game runs better on the xbox.

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The only exclusive I bought was Demons Souls the others are all meh for me. I like the controller but not for COD, I feel that the new xbox controller is way more comfortable for FPS games.

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Wtf are you talking about. The xsx is an amazing console and MS is doing everything right this time, the only thing is missing are exclusives, the only exclusive worth playing on ps5 is Demons souls. And yes GP is a game changer. Xsx is a better console too.

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Who cares about the packaging. Console out and recycle the box.

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HZD sucks anyway, they can keep that crap, I regret spending $60 on that game.

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8 people are ponies but hurt. Xbox is doing great lately.

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Sure sony will fix the problem with future revisions. But still it shouldn’t be a problem cause its not their first controller.

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Good point.

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This console its targeted to the casual gamer, kids or that person that plays COD only. I have friends that they only play COD and Destiny or PUBG all year round and dont play anything else.

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I want a PS5 just for this game.

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