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It just works....

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Good ol' predictable Obscure....

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Good guy Phil!

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Calm down. I know you've been waiting for a hit but let's not lose our head here...

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This is a very real possibility. It's my choice.

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IMO this game is a 7 but let's be absolutely clear here, there is nothing wrong with a 7. This is a fine game but it has it's flaws. As far as Bethesda is concerned it's likely one of their more polished games. Yes, there are a few bugs but for Bethesda that's pretty good. There are a lot of 7 out of 10 games out there that I've had a great time with.

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But if they were to release a few bangers on a consistent basis i.e. Sony i.e. Nintendo don't you think that the market share could change?

I ask because Phil doesn't seem to think it would matter. But it seems to work for the other guys.

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"Just making great games’ won’t change Xbox console market share, says Spencer..."

What's that Phil?

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This game seems pretty safe to me...
I think it would be safer still to stop talking Pete

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I think the point is people are calling Todd Howard out on his BS. But I also agree, I'm not sure why people are losing their sh!t over something this minor. I assume it's mostly the FB's. I'm reserving my opinion until I give it a go. Space isn't my favorite setting but I really enjoyed TES 3,4 and 5 and the fallout series.

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Good guy Phil!

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Good guy Phil!

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You too can have a downvote count that's as stellar with the right (or wrong) attitude!

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Your opening paragraph reads as if you're an Xbox PR guy...oh wait...

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@ Lex,

Bringing logic into it?
That's low!

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Why didn't I think of that?
Thanks for the tip! /s

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My guess is they love either their piece of plastic, their corporate overlords or gaming on the cheap.

Likely a combination...

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Judging by the replies here some of these people don't prefer games :).

On topic, I wish I could trade in my xbsx for a steam deck!

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Seriously considering selling my Xbox when my 2 years of Game pass ultimate runs out.

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