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Having said that I do prefer the games on Sonys console 9 times out of 10 so that would likely be money well spent. I also prefer owning my games. But when I grabbed the series x it came with 2 years of gamepass so I decided when Halo campaign released that's when I would use gamepass. I've always enjoyed Halo.

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Looks like I'm gonna be starting my 2 year sub to gamepass ultimate on December 8th

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About time!

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It's not the government's job to raise people's kids. That's up to the parent. If parents don't have time or have jobs etc. etc. sorry about your luck. Figure it out. People who have kids have a responsibily to raise their own kids. That's just the way it is.

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That sounds more like a parent's job to enforce those rules.

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That's funny. Do you know what my XSX is doing right now? Same thing as your PS5. It's got a nice thick layer of dust on there because I haven't turned it on in a while. But my PS5 is getting a great workout. The point of the story is just because you think there is nothing to play on one machine doesn't make it true. Here comes the shocker....different people have different tastes. So go play your Xbox and calm the f*ck down .

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So you just created this account 15 minutes ago to use your favourite catchphrase of Sony incels? 6 comments in that short time? You should go outside and get some fresh air!

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Even if this turns out to not be SH or MGS this has been fun for me. Although that being said I want both of those things.

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I wonder if they fixed the issue with the chat audio. Currently if you don't have a headset plugged in your only option is to have the chat audio come through the controller speaker.

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Power wise sure. But sales wise not even close.

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Could but likely won't. I'll hold off on buying another Xbox controller and do a wait and see approach.

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I'm still not sure why this hasn't happened already. Let's go Sony.

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@Ratchet75 I totally agree. Nintendo wins for me overall.MS conference had a couple of smaller games that interested me but conference was meh

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Lg cx

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Here in Canada where I am at least, I've seen Xbox series s sitting on shelves at Walmart. I'm not saying that's any kind of indicator and I'm not sure how long they sit there before they're gone but I've never seen a series x or ps5 on shelves anywhere.

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