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So you think Brexit is a result of the EU imposing fines on companies that don’t treat EU citizens equally? Good one mate, maybe they should become capitalists like America and shit on the middle / poor classes!

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It's good to have exclusive games and as an Xbox One X owner this is fine with me! It looks great and I hope all the PS4 owners get it and enjoy it so Insomniac will make even more video games. Keep the industry strong, exclusives matter, but not as much as keeping developers doing what they do best!!

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Most likely just an update on the RE7 Xbox one X enhanced patch!

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[email protected]!!$ guess I'll have to play it through again, like a time loop, ha! Fav game this gen by far... played it though twice on the original XBOXONE and again on the X, no harm in doing it another couple of times (isn't that the definition of madness, ha) I suppose ; )

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I beg to differ, the author talks against being 'too passive' which is what you are referring to when you mention "adventure games of old" and is ideally looking for that "happy medium"

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I kind of agree, but they sure do look great... well Quantic Dream's look movie like for sure! If they could find a happy medium like Quantum Break without having to film live action pieces it would be very interesting. Hell I'd rather play a Bladerunner or Aliens game than suffer through any more Hollywood movies for nostalgia!

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GoW, DBH and SoC remake are the only 3 you mentioned that are definitively exclusive. The other are scheduled for Windows and or likely coming to steam and Xbox One X as well. As I said, those three 'exclusives' are looking AAA great, but the others won't be taking full advantage of the PS4 pro if they are also gonna be on other platforms. Same goes for the Xbox One X. However, the Switch is just crushing it in the exclusives department and Nintendos range far exceeds any other pl...

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I get the range of games idea, but I only counted God of War, Detroit BH and the Shadow of Collosus game. The others looked like Multiplatform to me... I wasn't downplaying anything as I am not into the final fantasy games, but they've always come out on other consoles as well. It seems to me that Nintendo is doing the widest range of games than either PS4 or Xbox, but the responses and 29 fanboy disagrees is amusing as it was clearly an observation and not a criticism I made!

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I counted only 3 exclusives, great ones all the same, but I might be wrong.... anyone else shed light on this? Great advert, lots of energy and a slew of Japanese games... there is so much more coming out in 2018 for PS4 Pro and Xbox One X I hope we get a western version of this advert!

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I couldn't bring mesmelf to buying Thisbe because of the DLC fiasco... But I'd prefer if they had the x-men in the 'Proper' Edition... wolverine, storm, cyclops, etc. otherwise the previous one is a much better game all-round! Hopefully Disneys deal with Fox will pave the way for a proper version of this game.

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Don't forget Evil Within 2. I'd rather 4K 30fps over 1080 45fps any day of the week! Looks much more 'evil' on the X.

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Considering the DLC in Injustice 2 is not exclusive to either console, your point is otiose! Do us all a favour and pedal your dribble elsewhere... I'll happy decide to buy or not to pay for paid DLC, but my point was clearly about console 'exclusive' content for no other reason than to deprive xbox owners of content.

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They can keep it then, I'll stick to Injustice 2 and Capcom can further canabalise its own reputation for the sake of a few extra dollars from its unpersuaded fans!

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As a current Xbox One owner... It a WONT FLOP, and I don't want it to as it looks excellent, Kudos to Sony and the developers. I hope it influences future games and when I can finally afford both consoles it will be the first exclusive game I buy. Well done, and keep up the good work Ready at Dawn!

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I've been doing this for Xbox One for ages, my library is shared with my neice and nephew on 3 different machines! A feature that will bury the Xbox One this ain't! I'm just glad MS have to fight this generation instead of sitting on their laurels... With both consoles having their exclusives, mupltiplats not THAT different and entertainment hubs on both consoles... They are very much the same experience. One thing I am happy about is finally buying a Wii U!! Don't know why bu...

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That's a mighty big 'if' your talking about. Am sick of MS and their heavy handiness due to their 'partners' lack of control. They should ban Target or refuse to supply them anything in the future, not a loyal customer. I wouldn't libel him 'rouge' either, he did purchase the console legally. As I said, they shouldn't have released the 'day one' patch if they didn't want him to use the thing. No excuse mate, you are defending the indefensible he...

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You all seem to forget MS put up the day one patch... Then banned him. Shower of scumbags... No excuse, it's like leading a camel to water, letting it drink and then killing it for doing what it assumed was wanted, shame MS, You can ban my gamertag too if you like. "Dublin Chewah" because I'll be cancelling my xbox day one console pre-order in the morning. Will happily get a PS4 now. Rebel Scum!

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Hey MS, UNBAN this guy or I'll cancel my [email protected] preorder. It was targets fault for sending it early, but your fault for trusting target. You have 48 hours you poor excuse for a company!

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MS made more profit last gen too you whining twit!

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I use my playstation 3 mainly as a blu ray player... It's funny that Microsoft are addressing that side of entertainment as Sony did last time. As for games, xbox one will only get better as MS are good at optimisations. I think it's a sure fire win for MS personally but Sony is the people's choice with an excellent set of exclusives... But that's it! Can't help but think both machines are the same really. I know I won't be buying both this time though.

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