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Game plays in 4K on Xbox One X. IMO, it’s the best version because of the native controller support and ease of access.

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Maybe I can help you, what are you having issues finding?

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Yea, not interested now that Microsoft bought Compulsion Games!

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Definitely a step in the right direction. Now they need to work on a viable PS3 emulator so we can download PS3 games. Without PS3 downloads and day one 1st party releases, this isn’t a legitimate answer to Game Pass, imo.

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Agreed, really would like to hear their reasoning for not bringing the remasters to the Xbox One, yet release KH3. Hopefully you don't need to play the old games to understand the story in the newest game.

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I don't have a 4k tv, but will next year. I have the Scorpio Edition pre-ordered and will gladly play all enhanced One X games super sampled until I make my new TV purchase.

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May I ask you what is so bad about the Xbox One storefront besides that it's slow as hell?

I actually think the 360''s store front is a lot more confusing. They have sections called Arcade, On-Demand, and Indie which is pain tbh. Finding games was a headache IMO.

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I would greatly lower your expectations if you think you'll get a narrative driven game with Skull & Bones. Just a warning, this is Ubisoft making the game, expect a single player like For Honor.

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If that is the case, then DragonDDark shouldve been more clear.

Regardless, this is a comparison between Xbox One X and Nintendo Switch. Exclusive preferences between the two systems is subjective, but at this point, 3rd party is objectively in Xbox One X's favor.

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The 1X is a mid-gen system through & through. Where it differentiates from its competitors is its GPU and RAM. It's up to the 3rd party developers to use the additional resources, and that's tbd.

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Yea, Xbox One hasn't had or will have any good exclusives..... SMH!

We won't even go into 3rd party titles in this comparison, that's not even up for debate.

Just a silly response from an ignorant fanboy.

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I'd say it's a strong possibility that Morrowind comes to BC. My supporting evidence is Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, and Oblivion are already BC on the Xbox One.

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Gotta agree with Madamsjr01 on this one. While I can understand that the interface is confusing on Xbox One, once you get used to everything, it's quick and robust. I find PS4 less functional in comparison tbh.

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This is a very informative piece from Digital Foundry. I'm really looking forward to the Xbox One X.

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Both games look good. Skull & Bones looks solid as a naval PvP game, I'm looking forward to it.

I'm in the alpha for Sea of Thieves and it''s a blast. The game is very underrated, Microsoft has a hit on their hands.

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Looks like it will have cross-platform play.

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You can't argue with intentional ignorance. It really shows that there is a sheep mentality here based on the factually incorrect disagrees we both received. Sad indeed.

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PS4 doesn't have LFG. You're thinking of Clubs.

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Considering some of the 1st party games coming this year are new IP, it invalidate's your statement. Sea of Thieves, State of Decay, & Crackdown 3, that is a promising lineup that I'm looking forward to seeing. I enjoy multiplayer games over single player, so these 3 games are more exciting for me compared to Sony's exclusives. It's just my opinion.

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Not sure why you're getting down voted, what you are saying is correct.

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